Grading System

The Oregon City School District’s grading procedure is designed to reflect academic achievement and the development of citizenship. Letter grades are intended to provide information on academic performance, to encourage continued academic growth, and to create a record of academic achievement. A letter grade is based on the teacher’s professional evaluation of student achievement in the following areas: completion of assignments, examination scores, mastery of pertinent skills, handling abstractions, participation, and application of knowledge. Teachers will provide students with a written explanation of the expectations and the grading system for the course of study.

The Oregon City High School Grading System

Standard 4.0 Scale

Weighted Grade Scale




A   =   4.0

A   =   4.5

A    =   5.0

A-  =   3.7

A-  =   4.2

A-   =   4.7

B+ =   3.3

B+ =   3.8

B+  =   4.3

B   =   3.0

B   =   3.5

B    =   4.0

B-  =   2.7

B-  =   3.2

B-  =    3.7

C+ =   2.3

C+  =  2.8

C+  =   3.3

C   =   2.0

C    =  2.5

C    =   3.0

C-  =   1.7

C-  =   2.2

C-   =   2.7

D+ =   1.3

D+ =   1.5

D+  =   2.0

D   =   1.0

D   =   1.2

D   =    1.7

D-  =   1.0

D-   =  1.0

 D-  =    1.0




Students are responsible for making up incompletes (“I” on report card). Incompletes must be made up within 30 school days after the end of the grading period. If the work is not completed, the grade will change from an “I” to an “F.”

 Improving a Grade by Repeating a Course

Students may repeat a course to improve their grade. The course must be taken at OCHS, and it must be the exact class; i.e. Spanish 1A repeated for Spanish 1A, both at OCHS. There are 3 exceptions:  English 9 A & B, English 10 A & B, and Physical Science A & B may not be repeated to replace a grade. If the grade improves, the new grade will be recorded on the transcript in the term the repeat course was taken. The original grade will be changed to an N, and the new grade will be calculated into the GPA. The student’s counselor must approve courses taken to improve a grade before the class is repeated. Recovery-type classes will not be allowed to replace a grade. Credit may not be earned twice in the same course, unless specified in the course description.