1. Lockers are the property of the school, loaned to the students for the school year.
  2. Lockers are subject to inspection at any time.
  3. Lockers must be returned in the same condition or a cleaning fee may be charged.
  4. Students should not leave property of value in their lockers.
  5. The school cannot accept responsibility for property taken from lockers.
  6. Lockers are not to be used for the storage of prohibitive or illegal items.
  7. Large sums of money should not be brought to school. If you must, please check money in at the office for safekeeping.
  8. Locker assignment or combination changes will not be made for a student who has shared his or her locker combination.

Defacing of lockers may carry a fine of up to $25. This includes writing on or inside the locker and/or placing stickers on the inside or outside of lockers. Manufactured plastic shelves are not to be used because they jam the lockers.