Parking Pass and Lunch Form

Senior Parking Spots


Parking Pass Rules

The following rules apply:
•    Permits must be purchased at the Accounting windows.
•    Parking permits are required to park in the designated areas. All cars must be legally parked.
•    Your parking pass must be displayed properly at all times. It must be hung from your rearview mirror, with the number facing out and easily visible.  Nothing is to be hung in front of the pass.
•    A $60.00 fine will automatically be assessed without warning if parked in a permitted area without a permit. (This is the cost of a permit, which will be issued when fine is paid.)
•    You will receive a ticket for $20.00 for the following offences:
         1.    If the pass is not visible.
         2.    If a student parks in any spot other than a marked spot in the paid parking area with a parking pass (illegally parked). This also includes taking up multiple spaces and parking on curbs.
         3.    Any student who parks in visitor parking - this includes a student with a pass.
         4.    If a student parks in Handicapped Parking - they will also be referred to OCPD.
•    No permit will be needed by the tennis courts.
•    Reckless or careless driving is prohibited. A 10 m.p.h. speed limit must be observed in parking lots.
•    No driving is allowed in the bus area during loading or unloading of students.
•    Smoking or commission of an illegal activity in a car while on school grounds is prohibited and subject to disciplinary and/or legal action.
•    The school assumes no responsibility for damage or theft to cars driven to school.

Misuse or abuse of driving and parking rules will result in suspension, and/or loss of driving and parking privileges. Violators may be towed at owner’s expense. For a student to receive their Statement of Enrollment for the DMV, their attendance must be 92% or higher.