We Dine Together



Officer Plummer   dplummer@orcity.org 



Meeting will take place every other Tuesday both lunches in room E109  











We Dine Together Because Together We Make a Difference! Let's show kindness to our fellow students!

This club is aimed to provide a solution to students combating the social issues they face.


We Dine Together is an organization that supports inclusivity and new relationships amongst new people.

Members get the opportunity to take part in activities, group discussions, and Dining Together.  By doing this, new students and old students will be able to assimilate into the school culture and form new friendships.


We Dine Together provides students to meet in room E110 during lunch.  This gives students the ability to not eat alone in the commons.

Meetings are held every other Tuesday.

Last year as the sophomore class president, Shaylee was handpicked by school resource officer Dave Plummer to start a chapter of We Dine Together, where anyone can come together and eat lunch with other students who might not have anyone else to sit with. 

Shaylee Cooper said she was raised to help others and in such a huge school, she wanted to make a difference and help it be more inclusive. 

"I have always been brought up to help others so at the end of the day, I don't want any credit for what I do," Shaylee said. "I just feel like it should be part of your life."

Shaylee's goal for the club this year is to have 300 kids coming -- or even the whole school.  "It would be awesome to have the whole school, that may not be possible but my goal is get a bigger room and get all these kids more involved in this school," she said. "And I want them to feel welcome at this school and feel like 'Yes I want to come to school instead of dreading school.'"








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