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Winter Sport


Advisor:   Eileen O'Reilly-Hoisington 

Coach:   Angie Wacker

Contact email:   ochsequestrian@gmail.com


The OCHS Equestrian Team is part of OHSET (Oregon High School Equestrian Teams) 

We compete in the Tri-River Valley District which is comprised of 8 other local High Schools.  Our season starts in December and ends in May with the State Championship.  We compete in 3 District Meets at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds in McMinnville.  The athletes enter individual and team events that they participate in over 4 days in February, March, and April. 


For additional information about Oregon High School Equestrian Teams, go to the OHSET.com .



The Oregon City Equestrian team is one team in a district of ten other schools. During our six month season we compete against our district in three meets. These meets are around three to four days long depending on the events we want to compete in. There are twenty-five events in our meets that we can compete in from english, western pleasure, to roping. If an athlete places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in two of the three meets they are then eligible to go to state. State is held in Redmond, OR and is a three to four day event as well. During state we compete as districts other than schools. In our state we have seven districts that we compete against. So even though we compete against different schools in our district, we always have each others backs because when it comes to our state meet we stand together as a district to show our talent and our horses talent. 

    As a team I would consider us a huge family. We are athletes and our horses are athletes, as well as any other sport. I love other sports and have played many but this team is much different. We stay with each other at each meet for four days and for three meets, we truly bond in that time. We have our drama just like any other sport but at the end of the day we all care for each other and are there for each other. We practice about two or three times a week in our season and still go to state every year. We work hard for our sport and we don't stop when our practices are over. We still take care of our horses when we get home, we basically eat, dream, and sleep horses. Some people don't get the work we put into our sport but to show you a small bit, we (the riders) are not the only athlete, our horses are what makes the team. Without them we would not have the equestrian team. So we take care of them, feeding, cleaning, exercising, and creating an amazing bond with an animal who can't ask questions. So yes we are athletes but our horses are the foundation of our success.





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