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State Results  - January 25, 2014 

Congratulations to the following athletes for Racquetball State.

Victoria Bleszinksi – 1st place Red #2
Emma Fraley – 3rd place Red #3
Cameron Jordal – 4th place Red #5
Alycia Leajeld – 4th place Blue #1
  First Team All State Award
Zach Lobuona – 4th place Red #2
Shawn Schultz – 2nd place Red #4
Alex Sitton – 2nd place Red #3
Emily Sitton – 2nd place Red #4
For Doubles..
Victoria Bleszinski and Emily Sitton  -  Girls Doubles #1 Consolation Champs
Devin Cayton and Miranda Parrish  -  Mixed Doubles #3 Consolation 2nd place
Sawyer Watts and Emily Fraley  -  Mixed Doubles #2 Consolation 3rd place
Cameron Jordel and Shawn Schultz  -  Boys Doubles #2 Consolation 3rd place