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Welcome to the official website for the Oregon City High School Swimming team.







We will have a team meeting on the 7th of November right after school in the upper commons.  A short meeting, ~3:00-3:30 at the most, covering some essentials.  INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO THIS MEETING THAT ARE INTERESTED IN SWIM!  I will also try to answer all of your questions!  We will bring the design for this year's caps (black) and apparel (red)!  SEE ATTACHED.



November 13th, swimming practices are at the OC Pool from 3:30-4:30pm every day ... activity bus will take you to the pool, you will need a ride home after practice. Wednesday (early release day) we practice from 2:30-4:30.



The Winter Parent Meeting for all sports is on the 16th of November at 630pm in the main auditorium (this will be led by the Athletic Director, Coach Any Jones). Immediately following that meeting we will breakout into sport specific groups - swimming will meet in the upper commons ... see ya there. :O)



Go to the Athletic Office as soon as possible and get your checklist!  Yes, the paperwork has got to be done before you get in the pool…most of you know the routine well.  Probably one of the most important things is that you need to get a sports physical!  Physicals are good for 2 years, so if you had one last year you are good!  Otherwise…you need to schedule one soon!



Swimming is a non-funded sport and the fee is $190.00.  We typically do not do any fundraising, but if you have a great idea I would like to hear it!  Please see the accounting office and get your fee paid as soon as possible…it must be paid in full before the first competition on the 7th of December, or you must have an accounting-office-approved payment schedule! :O)  There is also a $30.00 general fee that you will have to pay the accounting office as well.



- Please see the ATTACHED online order instructions to purchase your suit for this year! Make sure you scroll down to the "high school" teams.  NW Swim will ship to me and I will distribute. All of the suits that show up on our site are the ones that I have selected for this season.  There are different styles for the ladies ... so check multiple suits out.  Our order will close November 20th so that we can have the suits before the first meet!!  Go Pios!

- If your suit from last year is still in good shape for races, save it for the meets and it will most likely work for you.

- Use any suit you like for practices ... no two-piece suits.

- Ladies:  Remember that you will not be able to wear tie-back suits during swimming meets according to the rule book.

- For District and State meets: if you want to purchase a more technical suit to wear at these meets, discuss what suit you should buy with the coaches!



SEE ATTACHED schedule.  First Meet is December 7th vs. Central Catholic … at HOME!  All meets are for both Varsity and JV!



We are looking for "team parents" who can help us with home meets and other things during the season.  Worked out really great last couple of years, but we need more parents to participate!  



Swim Long and prosper … Coach Bryan … 503-201-0678





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