AP Studio Art Students Prepare Portfolios for Evaluation

By Nolan Woodward, Reporter 


Oregon City High School’s AP Art class, helmed by veteran art teacher Nicholas Jay Liebrecht, has students practice various styles and techniques of art - all while building a personal portfolio of pieces for evaluation.


The yearlong AP Art class gathers students who have a particular interest in art. One of the main focuses of the class is the compilation of five of each individual’s pieces, put into a portfolio that is later evaluated by a college board. The physical pieces are slated for submission on May 6.


“Entries that get a high score can help get a student into a college,” said Liebrecht. “If it’s the right college, they may even value that more than SAT scores.”


Not only can students of the class with high portfolio scores get accepted to certain colleges easier; their scores may be greeted with a scholarship from a college. “A student we had a couple years ago actually got, I think, about $71,000 in scholarships. So it can go a long way,” Liebrecht said.


Junior Brooklyn Stone is anticipating a positive, hopeful future. “I see this benefiting my skills as an artist to help me get a career,” she said.


The opportunities regarding portfolio submissions aren’t the only aspect of the class, however; students also get to improve their artistic knowledge, going over such media like watercolor and sketching.


The class is available only to those who have completed Intro to Art and Drawing & Painting 1 and 2, giving highly dedicated students the opportunity to be surrounded by other aspiring artists. “It’s a great opportunity for us. It’s nice to be around artists who have been doing this for so long,” said senior Jared Preble.