Athletic News February 19 - 24

By Andy Jones, Athletic Directory

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Athletic News and Program Summaries 


Congratulations to all of the Pioneers student/athletes who competed in state, conference or district events this last weekend.  Everyone one of you represented Oregon City

with class.


Spring sports sign ups start Monday, February 19.  Please stop by the Athletic Office to pick up paperwork or transfer existing paperwork to your spring sport.

Spring sports practices start Monday, February 26. 

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Also a special thanks to Eastside Orthopedics and Pacific NW Foot and Ankle for their sponsorship of our boys soccer program. 

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Monday, February 19


12:00-2:30 Boys Basketball Practice (Varsity/JV) (Main & Upper Gym)

3:00-6:00 Girls Basketball Practice (Varsity/JV/JVII) (Main & Upper Gym)

TBA Frosh Basketball Practice (Auxiliary Gym)


Tuesday, February 20


3:30-6:00 Rugby Practice (Stadium)

4:30 Girls JVII Basketball vs Gresham (Main Gym)

4:30 Boys Frosh Basketball vs Gresham (Auxiliary Gym)

5:00-8:00 Equestrian Practice (Wacker Performance Horses)

6:30-8:30 Flag Color Guard Practice (Main Lobby)

6:00 Boys JV Basketball vs Gresham (Auxiliary Gym)

6:00 Girls Varsity Basketball vs Gresham (Main Gym) SENIOR NIGHT

7:30 Boys Varsity Basketball vs Gresham (Main Gym) SENIOR NIGHT


Wednesday, February 21


2:30-10:30 Snowboard Team Practice at Mt. Hood (Bus departs at 2:30)

2:30-5:30 Rugby Practice (Stadium)

3:00-6:00 Girls Basketball Practice (Varsity) (Main Gym)

3:00-6:00 Boys Basketball Practice (Varsity) (Upper Gym)

6:00-9:00 Cheer Practice (Auxiliary Gym)

6:00-9:00 Dance Practice (Main Gym) 


Thursday, February 22

3:00-6:00 Girls Basketball Practice (Varsity) (Upper Gym)

3:00-6:00 Boys Basketball Practice (Varsity) (Main Gym)

3:30-6:00 Rugby Practice (Stadium)

6:00-9:00 Cheer Practice (Auxiliary Gym)

6:00-9:00 Dance Practice (Auxiliary Gym)

6:30-8:30 Flag Team Practice (Upper Gym)


Friday, February 23

3:00-6:00 Girls Basketball Practice (Varsity) (Main Gym)

3:00-6:00 Boys Basketball Practice (Varsity) (Upper Gym)

6:00-9:00 Cheer Practice (Auxiliary Gym)

6:00-9:00 Dance Practice (Main Gym) 


Saturday, February 24

10:00-12:00 Rugby Practice (Stadium)


Sunday, February 25

12:00-2:00 Girls Basketball Practice (Varsity) (Main Gym)

1:00-4:00   Boys Basketball Practice (Varsity) (Main & Upper Gym)



Last week summaries: 


Below you will find results from last week on how the Oregon City teams fared.

Unified Basketball (Coaches Steve Allen, Carter Asher, Meryck Barber, Ryan Smith and Kara Donahue.Team members:  Reina Walters, Chris Arendell, Leah Kemeny, Sam Lary, Dylan Dent, Seth Sullivan, Kobe Louis, Daniel Sytsma, Zack Olson, Konnor Sumner, Parker Anderson, Vanessa Crite, Suevonna Jackson, Aaron Jackson, Austin Younger, KJ Jackson, Brandon Miller, Taylor Younger, Jacob Gould, and Dakota Freeman.

Pioneer Cheer and Dance (Head Coach Lisa Ramage, assisted by Lindsey Mead and Gail Hoskins)

The Jets competed in their first winter season competition.  They placed 7th and look forward to improving their scores at the next competition on March 3rd at Centennial High School.

The OC Competitive Cheer competed in their last competition of the season. They earned their highest score to date and placed 4th.

Equestrian (Head Coach Angie Wacker, advisors Evon Tekorious)

The OCHS Equestrian team had their first meet of the season at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds. 


Results Day #1 of TRV Meet #1:


1st (Alexa Wacker, Mikayla Wacker, Grace Steiner, Amy Steiner, Jessica Zuber, Mckenzie Widmer, Allie Nuhring,  Maddie Pomeroy)



1st “A” Alexa Wacker, Mikayla Wacker, Maddie Pomeroy, McKenzie Widmer

4th “B” Allie Nuhring, Tassja Villarreal, Natalie Ward, Leah Bills



20th Tassja Villarreal


In Hand Trail:

9th Leah Bills

10th Tassja Villarreal


Trail Equitation:

11th Tassja Villarreal

14th McKayla Hainey

16th Natalie Ward


Results Day #2 of TRV Meet #1


5th- Maddie Pomeroy



1st-  Alexa Wacker

2nd- Mikayla Wacker

3rd- Sophia Tekorius

3rd-(tie) Natalie Ward

6th- Maddie Pomeroy


Hunt Seat

6th- Natalie Ward

16th- Mckayla Hainey

21st- Tassja Villarreal

30th- Tyler Ward



1st- Grace Steiner

2nd- McKenzie Widmer

4th- Nate Shadrick

5th- Amy Steiner


Working Rancher

7th- McKayla Hainey

10th- Jessica Zuber

12th- Nate Shadrick

13th- Leah Bills


Team Penning

3rd OC “B” Mikayla Wacker, Allie Nuhring, McKenzie Widmer

4th OC “A” Alexa Wacker, Grace Steiner, Amy Steiner

6th OC “C” McKayla Hainey, Nate Shadrick, Jessica Zuber


Results Day #3 of TRV Meet #1


1st- Mckayla Hainey

2nd- Alexa Wacker

7th- Leah Bills



2nd- Mckayla Hainey

3rd- Natalie Ward

11th- Tassja Villarreal

16th- Sophia Tekorius

22nd- Jessica Zuber


Working Pairs

1st- “A” Alexa Wacker & Mikayla Wacker

4th- “B” Grace Steiner & Amy Steiner

9th- “C” Allie Nuhring & Jessica Zuber

11th- “D” Maddie Pomeroy & McKenzie Widmer

14th- “E” Tyler Ward & Sophia Tekorius


Two Man Birangle

1st- “A” Alexa Wacker & Grace Steiner

3rd- “B” Mikayla Wacker & Amy Steiner

7th- “D” McKenzie Widmer & Kylee Lawson

9th- “C” Allie Nuhring & Maddie Pomeroy

13th- “E” Jessica Zuber & Tyler Ward

14th- “F” McKayla Hainey & Nate Shadrick

16th- “G” Sophia Tekorius & Leah Bills


Team Canadian Flags

1st- “A” Alexa Wacker, Mikayla Wacker, Grace Steiner, Allie Nuhring

3rd- “D” Natassja Villarreal, Alyssa Hopper, Leah Bills, Nate Shadrick

4th- “C” Mckayla Hainey, Kylee Lawson, Jessica Zuber, Nate Shadrick

9th- “B” Amy Steiner, McKenzie Widmer, Tyler Ward, Maddie Pomeroy



1st- Grace Steiner

3rd- Amy Steiner

6th- Mikayla Wacker

8th- Maddie Pomeroy

9th- McKenzie Widmer

10th- Allie Nuhring

11th- Jessica Zuber

16th- Sophie Tekorius

25th- Alyssa Hopper

32nd- Tyler Ward


Indy Flags

1st- McKenzie Widmer

4th- Allie Nuhring

5th- Nate Shadrick

8th- Leah Bills

13th- Tyler Ward


Pole Bending

1st- Mikayla Wacker

2nd- Alexa Wacker

4th- Amy Steiner

5th- Grace Steiner

6th- Maddie Pomeroy

7th- Allie Nuhring

8th- McKenzie Pomeroy

9th- Jessica Zuber


Figure 8

1st- Mikayla Wacker

2nd- Grace Steiner

3rd- Amy Steiner

4th- Alexa Wacker

8th- Allie Nuhring

10th- Maddie Pomeroy

11th- McKenzie Widmer

12th- Jessica Zuber

21st- Tyler Ward

22nd- Leah Bills

25th- Nate Shadrick



1st- Alexa Wacker

2nd- Allie Nuhring


Team Versatility

3rd-“B” Amy Steiner, Maddie Pomeroy, McKenzie Widmer, Natalie Ward

6th- “C” Allie Nuhring, Jessica Zuber, Leah Bills, Tyler Ward

7th- “A” Alexa Wacker, Mikayla Wacker, Grace Steiner, McKayla Hainey

10th- “D” Kylee Lawson, Tassja Villarreal, Nate Shadrick, Sophia Tekorius


Results Day #4 of TRV Meet #1


11th- Natalie Ward

14th- Sophia Tekorius

17th- Tyler Ward



3rd- Mikayla Wacker


Snowboarding (Coaches David Roivanek and David Timothy)

The OC Snowboarders had their competition cancelled last Saturday due to unsafe traveling conditions.


Boys Basketball-Varsity (Head Coach Aaron Newkirk, assisted by Brad Crosby and Eric Chirgwin)

The Pioneers went 1-1 last week.  On Tuesday lost 78-64 at Barlow.  Teron Bradford led the way with 16 points,12 rebounds and 6 Assists.  Tyler Quinsey had 15 points and 12 rebounds, Jake Gettel 12 points and Corban Remsburg 10 points.

On Friday the Pioneers traveled to David Douglas to take on the Royal Scots.  The Pioneers beat the Royal Scots 67-57 to remain in a tie for second place in the MHC. Teron Bradford scored 28 points and had 15 rebounds.  Tyler Quinsey chipped in 11 and Corban Remsburg added 6 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists.


Currently the Pioneers are 16-7 overall and 10-3 in Mt. Hood Conference play.  They host Gresham on Tuesday final their final conference game of the season and Senior Night.  Tip off is 7:30.


Boys Basketball-JV (Head JV Coach John Oreskovich, assisted by Ralph Austin)

The Oregon City Boys JV split the week, beating David Douglas 56 to 37 and losing 50 to 45 to Barlow. In the Barlow game, Oregon City was led by Blaze Bergren's 10 points and in the win over David Douglas, Oregon City was led by Lucas Hanson's 12 points and TJ Warren's 11 points.


They will host the Gresham Gophers on Tuesday in their final regular season game of the season.  Tip off is 6:00 pm.


Boys Basketball-Freshmen (Head Frosh Coach Luke Backus)

The Frosh Pioneers went 1-1 last week.  On Tuesday at Barlow they were on the short end of a 57-27 game but on Friday at David Douglas they came home with a 55-41 win.  Alex Newkirk scored 16 in the win.  Zach Winkle added 6 points and 7 assists and Gibsen Payne led the defense with 6 blocks.


They will host the Gresham Gophers on Tuesday in their final regular season game of the season.  Tip off is 4:30 pm.


Girls Basketball-Varsity (Head Coach Kurt Guelsdorf, assisted by Mike Pomeranke)

The Lady Pioneers won both of their games last week to improve their MHC record to 12-1 and 15-8 overall.  On Tuesday they traveled to Barlow and came home with a 75-25 win and on Friday at David Douglas they had a 68-37 win.  At Barlow Kylie Guelsdorf scored 16 points.  Kaari Guelsdorf added 13 points. Allie Edwards had 7 assists and Tyra Bradford 5 assists.

At David Douglas on Friday Kaari Guelsdorf led the scoring with 17 points. Kylie Guelsdorf added 16.  Brooke Bullock added 15 points and 10 rebounds and Allie Edwards had 10 assists.

On Tuesday they will host the Gresham Gophers in the final regular season game and Senior Night.  Tip off is 6:00.

Girls Basketball-JV (Co Head Coaches Jessica Anderson and Tiffani Traver)

The JV Lady Pioneers improved their record last week to 14-1 with two wins last week.  On Tuesday at Barlow the Lady Pioneers came home with a 55-13 win and on Friday they beat the David Douglas Royal Scots 42-32.


At Barlow Emmaly Welch led the scoring with 14 points.  Josie Willard and Jalissa Lugo both added 8 points each. At David Douglas Josie Willard and Emily Fortineach score 9 points as the JV girls improved their record to 14-1.


The JV team does not play on Tuesday as Gresham does not have a JV team.


Girls Basketball-JVII (Head Coach Chelsi Brewer)

The JVII Lady Pioneers stayed undefeated for the season (19-0) with three wins last week.  They beat Barlow on Tuesday with Lotta Mittman scoring 22 points and Maya Wootan 11.  They traveled to LaSalle and came home with a 39-28 win.  Olivia Johnson scored 13 and Jalissa Lugo added 10.  On Friday at David Douglas they beat the Royal Scots 41-34.  Regan Zetter scored 18 and Kara Sipes had 10 in the win.


They will host Gresham on Tuesday.  Tip off is 4:30.


Swimming-Boys and Girls (Head Coach Bryan Watt, assisted by Josh Morton and Tyler Nofzinger)

The Oregon City Pioneer swimmers had three girls relays in the top 10, and it is the ONLY TIME the Oregon City girls were in the top 10 for overall scores in the state meet ... the girls team placed 9th overall this year ... best in over 25yrs!!

Freshman Jane Shroufe (who garnered the girls high point in the Mt Hood Conference District Championship) swam impressively, and although she didn't quite match her best times, she had a very good first showing in the state championship finals with an 11th place finish in the 200 IM and an 8th place finish in her signature race, the 100 Breaststroke.  Sophomore Ian Watt swam also incredibly well in his first berth into the state championship meet, finishing 12th in the 50 Freestyle finals.  Ian was seeded 14th in the 50 Freestyle coming into the meet, and he moved up two spots during the prelims to be one of only two sophomores in the top twelve!  Freshman Gracie Zarosinski swam her first ever High School state meet, in two of the three relays and two individual events while Senior Samantha Brich swam her last state meet having qualified in two relays and one individual. 

Relay teams:

200 Med Relay - 9th place finish - Jackie James, Jane Shroufe, Sam Brich, Olivia Watt

200 Free Relay - 7th place finish- Gracie Zarosinski, Sam Brich, Olivia Watt, Sidney Chan-Orcutt (we beat the 6th place team's time, but the placing remains 7th)

400 Free Relay - 8th place finish - Gracie Zarosinski, Grace Gunderson, Jackie James, Jane Shroufe


Wrestling (Head Coach Bobby Bates, assisted by Tony Rolen, Ryan LaDouceur, Jim Marshall, Jared Groner, Michael McCoy, Jordan Brewer and Parker Foliard.


The Pioneers wrestled at the OSAA 6A State Meet this last weekend and finished in 11th place with 65 team points.

At 106 Braden Lucas went 1-2.

At 113 Spencer Townsend went 2-2

At 120 Sage Brown went 3-3 and placed 6th.

At 132 Zachary Colipano went 1-2.

At 138 Austin Canchola went 2-2.

6A-138 Henry Villarreal went 2-2.

At 152 Barrett Bicha went 2-2.

At 170 Dawson Drews went 0-2.

At 182 Henry Schoenfeld went 0-2.

At 195 Honorio Colipano (19-13) went 2-2

At 285 Lane Marshall went 4-1 and placed 2nd.

At 285 Zachary Zumwalt went 0-2.