Athletics - March 19-25

By Andy Jones, Athletic Directory

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Athletic News and Program Summaries 


Here is the weekly OCHS athletic calendar.   Results of last weeks contests will come out tomorrow.

Spring Sports are in full swing this week with over 36 contests and another 35 practices.


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Also a special thanks to Eastside Orthopedics and Pacific NW Foot and Ankle for their sponsorship of our boys soccer program.  


Monday, March 19

3:05-4:30 Boys Tennis Practice (Lower D/E Lobby or Lower Tennis Courts)

3:10-4:30 Girls Tennis Practice (Commons/Auxiliary Gym/Tennis Courts)

3:15-6:00 Rugby Practice (Field 1)

3:15-6:00 Boys & Girls Track Practice (Stadium)

3:30-5:30 Girls Golf Practice (Stonecreek Golf Club)

3:30-5:30 Boys Golf Practice (Stonecreek Golf Club)

4:00-6:00 Girls JV Lacrosse Practice (Field 2/JROTC)

4:30 Boys Varsity Baseball at Tigard (Release at 2:30/Bus departs at 2:45)

5:00 Boys Freshmen Baseball vs Tigard (Matille Field)

5:00 Boys JV Baseball vs Tigard (Bauer Field)

4:30 Girls Varsity Softball vs Liberty (Field 5)

5:45 Girls JV Softball vs Liberty (Field 5)

6:00-8:00 Boys Lacrosse Practice (Stadium)

7:00-9:00 Girls Lacrosse Practice (Stadium)

Tuesday, March 20

3:15-6:00 Rugby Practice (Field 1)

3:15-6:00 Boys & Girls Track Practice (Stadium)

3:30 Boys Tennis vs Centennial (OCHS Tennis Courts)

3:30 Girls Tennis at Centennial (Release at 1:45/Bus departs at 2:00)

3:30-5:30 Girls Golf Practice (Stonecreek Golf Club)

3:30-5:30 Boys Golf Practice (Stonecreek Golf Club)

4:00-6:00 Girls JV Lacrosse Practice (Field 2/JROTC)

5:00-8:00 Equestrian Practice (Wacker Performance Horses)

5:00 Boys Varsity Baseball at West Salem (Release at 2:30/Bus departs at 2:45)

5:00 Boys Freshmen Baseball vs West Salem (Matille Field)

5:00 Boys JV Baseball vs West Salem (Bauer Field)

5:00 Girls Varsity Softball vs Franklin (Field 6)

5:00 Girls JV Softball vs Franklin (Field 5)

6:00 Boys JV Lacrosse at Sprague

7:00-9:00 Girls Lacrosse Practice (Stadium)

8:00 Boys Varsity Lacrosse at Sprague 

Wednesday, March 21

1:00 Girls Golf at Rose City Golf Club (Release at 11:00)

2:30-5:30 Rugby Practice (Field 1)

3:00-6:00 Girls Tennis (Commons/Auxiliary Gym/Tennis Courts)

3:00-6:00 Boys Tennis (Lower D/E Lobby or Lower Tennis Courts)

3:15-6:00 Baseball Practice-All Teams (Fields 3 & 4/Hitting Building)

3:30-5:30 Boys Lacrosse Practice (Field 8)

3:30-5:30 Boys Golf Practice (Stonecreek Golf Club)

4:00 Boys & Girls Track vs Gladstone (Stadium)

5:00 JV Softball at West Albany (Release at 1:30/Bus departs at 1:45)

5:00 Varsity Softball at West Albany (Release at 1:30/Bus departs at 1:45)

6:15 JV Girls Lacrosse at Cleveland

7:45 Varsity Girls Lacrosse at Cleveland

Thursday, March 22

1:00 Boys Golf at Glendoveer (Release at 11:00)

3:30 Girls Tennis vs Barlow (OCHS Tennis Courts)

3:30 Boys Tennis at Barlow (Release at 1:45/Bus departs at 2:00)

3:15-6:00 Rugby Practice (Field 1)

3:15-6:00 Softball Practice (Softball Field/Hitting Building)

3:15-6:00 Boys & Girls Track Practice (Stadium)

3:30-5:30 Girls Golf Practice (Stonecreek Golf Club)

4:00-6:00 Girls JV Lacrosse Practice (Field 2/JROTC)

4:30 Boys Varsity Baseball at Southridge (Release at 2:15/Bus departs at 2:30)

5:00 Freshmen Baseball vs Southridge (Matille Field)

5:00 JV Baseball vs Southridge (Bauer Field)

5:00-8:00 Equestrian Practice (Wacker Performance Horses)

6:00-8:00 Boys Lacrosse Practice (Stadium)

7:00-9:00 Girls Lacrosse Practice (Stadium)

Friday, March 23

3:15-6:00 Boys & Girls Track Practice (Stadium)

3:15-6:00 Baseball Practice-All Teams (Fields 3 & 4/Hitting Building)

3:30-6:00 Rugby Practice (Field 1)

3:30-5:30 Boys Golf Practice (Stonecreek Golf Club)

3:30-5:30 Girls Golf Practice ((Stonecreek Golf Club)

4:00 Girls Tennis vs Mountainside

4:00 Boys Tennis at Mountainside (Bus departs at 2:45)

4:30 JV Softball at McNary (Bus departs at 1:45)

5:00 Varsity Softball at McNary (Bus departs at 1:45)

6:00 Girls JV Lacrosse at Southridge

6:30 Boys JV Lacrosse vs Hood River

7:30 Girls Varsity Lacrosse at Southridge

8:00 Boys Varsity Lacrosse at Hood River (Stadium)

Saturday, March 24

1:00 Boys Varsity Baseball at Jesuit (Bus departs 10:45)

1:00 Boys JV Baseball vs Jesuit (Bauer Field)

Sunday, March 25

11:15 Boys Varsity Baseball at Tigard Tournament vs Beaverton


Last week summaries: 

Below you will find results from last week on how the Oregon City teams fared.

JROTC (Major Doug Thomas and 1st Sargeant Darin Larson)

Last Saturday, our Army Junior ROTC participated in the Northwest Drill & Rifle Conference, Regional Championships in Marysville, Washington. OCHS finished 4th out of 32 Schools in the Overall School Competition which awards points for the schools with teams that place in the top six positions in the team events. At this event there were over 350 competitors that competed 8 Team events and 5 individual events. OCHS sent 32 Cadets who competed in 7 team events. They placed as follows: Our unarmed Drill team placed 6th with Jaxon Herrle (Her-Lee)placing 2nd as the Unarmed Drill Commander. Our Physical Fitness team placed 2nd with Dakota Philpott placing 2nd individually and Jaxon Herrle placing 3rd. Jaxon also placed 3rd in the Individual Unarmed Drill Down event.  Academic team placed 5th, and our Color Guard teams placed 3rd and 9th. Our Sporter class marksmanship team placed 3rd as well as our Precision class marksmanship team placing 1st with Jayne Fraley placing 2nd individually. These Cadets showed dedication and perseverance while working hard since September to earn the ability to compete in their respective events at this regional level competition. Great work this year!


Pioneer Cheer and Dance (Head Coach Lisa Ramage, assisted by Lindsey Mead and Gail Hoskins)

The Jets wrapped up their 2017/18 competition season placing 16th out of 24, 6A teams at the OSAA state championships this last weekend.  This young team, comprised of six returners and eleven first time competitors, represented OC proudly.  They improved at each competition and ended their season with a strong performance and a higher score than they received all season. 

Sophia Davis, Hailey Alexander, Brooklynn Smith, Dixie White, Sierra Smith, Kailey Trump-Jones, Averi VanRiper and Breanen Kellogg represented OCHS in the State Drill Down competition as well.

It was a season of many changes and new performance opportunities for the Jets and they are all looking forward to their upcoming trip to Disneyland with the Scarlet Brigade!


Equestrian (Head Coach Angie Wacker, advisors Evon Tekorious)

Results Day #1 of TRV Meet #2!


1st- Alexa Wacker, Mikayla Wacker, Grace Steiner, Amy Steiner, Maddie Pomeroy, Mackenzie Widmer, Allie Nuhring, Jessica Zuber



2nd- “A” Alexa Wacker, Mikayla Wacker, Maddie Pomeroy, Mackenzie Widmer

5th- “B” Allie Nuhring, Leah Bills, Natalie Ward, Natassja Villarreal



9th- Natassja Villarreal


In Hand Trail

9th- Leah Bills

14th- Natassja Villarreal



9th- Natalie Ward

13th- McKayla Hainey

19th- Natassja Villarreal


Results Day #2 of TRV Meet #2



2nd- Maddie Pomeroy


Hunt Seat

2nd- Natalie Ward

21st- Tyler Ward

21st (tie) McKayla Hainey

32nd- Natassja Villarreal

33rd- Sophia Tekorius

40th- Morgan Tekorius



2nd- Natalie Ward

3rd- Alexa Wacker

4th- Mikayla Wacker

5th- Sophia Tekorius

6th- Maddie Pomeroy


Working Rancher

2nd- McKayla Hainey

10th- Leah Bills

13th- Jessica Zuber

14th- Nate Shadrick



2nd- Grace Steiner

4th- Mackenzie Widmer

5th- Amy Steiner

6th- Nate Shadrick


Team Penning

1st- “A” Alexa Wacker, Grace Steiner, Amy Steiner

5th- “C” Nate Shadrick, McKayla Hainey, Jessica Zuber

8th- “B” Mikayla Wacker, Allie Nuhring, Mackenzie Widmer

9th- “D” Kylee Lawson, Maddie Pomeroy, Tyler Ward


Results Day #3 of TRV Meet #2



2nd- McKayla Hainey

3rd- Alexa Wacker

7th- Leah Bills



4th- McKayla Hainey

8th- Natalie Ward

12th- Natassja Villarreal

20th- Sophia Tekorius

26th- Jessica Zuber


Working Pairs:

3rd “A” Alexa Wacker & Mikayla Wacker

7th “E” Sophia Tekorius & Tyler Ward

9th “B” Grace Steiner & Amy Steiner

10th “D” Maddie Pomeroy & Mackenzie Widmer

12th “C” Jessica Zuber & Allie Nuhring


Team Canadian Flags:

1st “A” Alexa Wacker, Mikayla Wacker, Allie Nuhring, Grace Steiner

4th “B” Amy Steiner, Tyler Ward, Mackenzie Widmer, Maddie Pomeroy

5th “D” Natassja Villarreal, Alyssa Hopper, Leah Bills, Nate Shadrick

6th “C” Jessica Zuber, McKayla Hainey, Kylee Lawson, Sophia Tekorius


Two Man Birangle:

1st “A” Alexa Wacker & Grace Steiner

2nd “C” Maddie Pomeroy & Allie Nuhring

3rd “B” Mikayla Wacker & Amy Steiner

4th “E” Tyler Ward & Jessica Zuber

6th “D” Mackenzie Widmer & Kylee Lawson

13th “F” McKayla Hainey & Nate Shadrick

19th “G” Leah Bills & Sophia Tekorius

20th “H” Natassja Villarreal & Alyssa Hopper



3rd- Grace Steiner

5th- Mikayla Wacker

6th- Amy Steiner

7th- Maddie Pomeroy

8th- Allie Nuhring

10th- Tyler award

11th- Mackenzie Widmer

12th- Jessica Zuber

18th- Sophia Tekorius

27th- Alyssa Hopper

32nd- Kylee Lawson


Indy Flags:

1st- Tyler Ward

2nd- Mackenzie Widmer

3rd- Nate Shadrick

5th- Allie Nuhring

16th- Leah Bills

17th- Alyssa Hopper

20th- Kylee Lawson


Pole Bending:

2nd- Alexa Wacker

3rd- Allie Nuhring

5th- Maddie Pomeroy

6th- Amy Steiner

9th- Mackenzie Widmer

12th- Grace Steiner

13th- Kylee Lawson


Figure 8:

2nd- Grace Steiner

3rd- Mikayla Wacker

5th- Amy Steiner

6th- Alexa Wacker

7th- Mackenzie Widmer

9th- Allie Nuhring

12th- Jessica Zuber

13th- Maddie Pomeroy

14th- Tyler Ward

17th- Kylee Lawson

26th- Nate Shadrick

28th- Leah Bills

34th- Alyssa Hopper



1st- Amy Steiner


Team Versatility:

1st “A” Alexa Wacker, Mikayla Wacker, McKayla Hainey, Grace Steiner

2nd “B” Amy Steiner, Maddie Pomeroy, Mackenzie Widmer, Natalie Ward

5th “D” Natassja Villarreal, Nate Shadrick, Kylee Lawson, Sophia Tekorius

8th “C” Allie Nuhring, Leah Bills, Tyler Ward, Jessica Zuber


Results for Day #4 of TRV Meet #2



6th- Natalie Ward

10th- Sophia Tekorius

19th- Morgan Tekorius



4th- Mikayla Wacker


Snowboarding (Coaches David Roivanek and David Timothy)

The OC Boys Snowboarders finished the season as State Champions in Banked Slalom.  Eric Bergan finished in 1st place, Jayden Shaffer in 19th place, Daniel Koske in 31st, Kaleb Lam in 38th, Nathan Goodman in 41st, Garrett Cady in 51st, Wyatt Locvell in 56th, and Camerin Keever-Nyberg in 62nd.


On the giorls side Gabby Orton finished 17th and Lacee Kelly 32nd.


Baseball-Varsity (Head Coach JJ Winkle, assisted by Justin Bugni and Mike Lord)

The Pioneers started off the season with one game last week.  On Wednesday they hosted the Sprague Olympians out of the Greater Valley Conference and were beaten 12-4.  The pithers struggled in the first game of theyear giving up 14 hits, walking 9 and hitting 2.  Friday’s game with West Salem was postponed and will be played on Tuesday, March 20.  The Pioneers travel to Tigard today for a 4:30 game, to Southridge on Thursday for another 4:40 game and on Saturday to Jesuit for a 1:00 game.


Baseball-JV (Head Coach Travis Stein, assisted by Colin Smith)

No information received.


Basbeall-Freshmen (Coaches Dave Jordal, Tim Richardson, Tyson Lowther and Rick Elyea)

The Freshman baseball team had their first game against Sprague on Wednesday dropping a 6-4 decision. Lucas Cloyd got the offense going for the frosh with a deep shot to centerfield scoring Daniel Bristol and Diego Marquez.


The defense had some great plays and got a double play from Diego Marquez and Logan Quinsey.


The frosh will host Tigard today, host West Salem on Tuesday and host Southridge on Thursday.  All games are on Matille Field and start at 5:00.


Girls Softball-Varsity (Head Coach Dave Adelhart, assisted by Chris Parrish, Mike Genskay and Nathan Hornback)

The Lady Pioneers played on Monday at the Century Jamboree.  Playing two 3 inning games the Pios lost  to Westview 3-2.  In the second game the Pios beat Century 6-0.  Isabell Lewis hit a home run.  Morgan Hornback, Emily Dugan and Zoey Iverson all hit doubles.  Morgan Hornback struck out five.  On Wednesday the Pios traveled back out to Beaverton to take on the Westview Wildcats in their first official non-conference game.  The Pios lost 6-4.  Emily Dugan and Jordan Duntley both hit doubles.  Morgan Hornback struck out 6.

The Pioneers host Liberty today, and Franklin tomorrow (3/20) before heading to West Albany on Wednesday (3/21) and to McNary on Friday (3/23)

Girls Softball-JV (Head Coach MacKenzie Washington)

The JV team played Canby last week at OC and won easily 14-5.  The Pioneers host Liberty Monday, the Franklin game scheduled for Tuesday (3/20) has been cancelled due to the lack of available Franklin Players.  The will head to West Albany on Wednesday (3/21) and to McNary on Friday (3/23)


Track and Field (Head Coaches Kristen Mull and Adam Thygeson, assisted by Bret Livingston, DeShawn McKenzie, Brandon Lee, Renika Bauer, Brent Eggers, Anthony Robinson, and Cody Bareksten)

OCHS Girls Track and Field opened with a dual meet against Lakeridge and Portland Christian.  Although, officially non-scoring, the Lady Pios would have won the meet against Lakeridge 81-64.  Top performances included:

Kylie Griffin with a PR and Top 10 in OCHS Girls Track and Field history mark of 5'2" in the high jump.

The sprint squad took care of business, starting off the meet with a win in the 4 x 100m Relay (Kylie Guelsdorf, Lily Bartel, Kylei Halbakken, Keira O'Malley), 2nd place in the 100m for Keira O'Malley, 1st and 3rd in the 200m for Lily Bartel and Keira O'Malley and a sweep of the 400m by Lily Bartel, Jalissa Lugo and Mallory Hugo

The distance crew also had a good day with some excellent early season performances, Kaari Guelsdorf earned 3rd place in the 1500m followed by Brynne Shroufe for the win in the 3000m during a MONSOON.

Kylei Halbakken lead the hurdlers with a win the 100m high hurdles and a 2nd place finish the 300m intermediate hurdles, Alexis Pearson got the win in the 300m intermediate hurdles in her first attempt in the event.

Alexis started the meet with a third place finish in the long jump, joined by Madison Hornback with a 3rd place finish in the triple jump. Kylie Guelsdorf joined us after finishing up basketball season with a win in the pole vault at 9'3", nearly matching her PR of 9'6"

Not to be out down the Lady Pio throwers put up some excellent marks.  Kailee Walker lead the way with a win in the shot put and a 2nd place finish in the discus, Anessa Chirgwin got the win in the discus and a 3rd place finish in the shot put, and Kendra Hall wrapped up the throwing events with a 3rd place finish in the javelin.

Kylie Guelsdorf, Jalissa Lugo, Kaari Guelsdorf and Lily Bartel finished up a great first meet of the season with a

Looking forward to this week hosting Gladstone and Wilsonville on Wednesday, March 21.

Boys track also opened up the season last week with a home meet against Lakeridge.  Israel Miles ran 15.14 in the 110m high hurdles, which is the 6th fastest senior time in school history.  Jake Follett jumped 22’ 2” in the long jump, that ties him for the 2nd best junior long jumper in school history.  Lane Marshall threw 145’ 7” in the discus throw is good enough for the 7th best junior mark ever at OCHS

After the first week of statewide competition all three of those guys hold the top mark in state in their events. To see the full current state top 10 marks in each event go to: and you’ll find a number of OC athletes listed at this point.

In JV: Yasir Khan won the 400, Cole Lundmark, Ricky Ascencio, Jeffrey Judd, and Dylan Kee-Ball won the 4x100 relay, Nathan Goodman won the shot put and discus, Austin Bonner was 1st in the javelin, Jeffrey Judd won high jump, and Austin Canchola won pole vault.


The Pioneers host Gladstone on Wednesday, March 21 at Pioneer Memorial Stadium.


Boys Golf (Head Coach Tod Billings, assisted by Kurt Guelsdorf)

The Pio golfes got in two matches last week both at Willamette Valley Country Club.  On Thursday in their first MHC match of the season the Pios finished third.  Max Fabrycki shot an 84 to lead the team.  Shawn Taylor was at 88. Ahren Roque 96. Benjamin Jost shot a 98 and Sebastian Hyskell a103.


The boys have another MHC match this Thursday at Glendoveer.  Tee off is at 1:00 pm.


Girls Golf (Head Coach Ronn Grove)

The girls golf team played at Glendoveer last Wednesday.  With most of the team prepping for the state dance competition the Pios were down to one player.  Adela Newton represented the Pios in the first MHC match of the season and improved her overall score by 13 strokes.  The girls play at Rose City on Wednesday in another MHC match.  Tee off is 1:00 pm.


Boys Lacrosse (Head Coach Jeff Bell, assisted by Bryan Swanson, Jim Martineau and Gabriel Payne)

The JV Boys lacrosse team went 1-1 last week.  On Tuesday they hosted the Wilson Trojans  and were defeated 7-5 and on Thursday they traveled to Cleveland to take on Warriors and came home with a 11-8 win.


Girls Lacrosse (Head Coach Amanda Willis, assisted by Danielle Kirby and Rachel Wong)

The OCHS girl’s lacrosse team started the season last week with two wins.  On Tuesday they beat the Wilson Trojans 19-7 and on Wednesday they traveled to Newberg and beat the Tigers 12-8.


Boys Tennis (Head Coach Miyka Whiting, assisted by Barry Engelman)

The Oregon City boys went 1-1 last week to start their season.  They hosted Gresham on Tuesday and won 5-3 and on Thursday they traveled to David Douglas but lost 5-3. 


David Engelman won at number 1 singles both matches, sweeping Gresham in two sets, while coming back and upsetting David Douglas in three sets after dropping the first set.  Jaron Sorensen and Ben Anderson both won both matches, starting off strong for the season at number 2 and 3 singles as well.  Manuel Diaz and Nathan Peterson won at number 1 doubles in 3 sets against Gresham.


Girls Tennis (Head Coach Rob Whiting, assisted by Quyen Wong, Kenrik Lynch, & Rob Glenn)

The girls tennis team played three matches last week and went 1-2.  They beat Gresham on Tuesday 6-2, lost to David Douglas 8-0 and to Tualatin 7-1. 


Despite being a new player, Lotta Mittmann had a strong performance against Tualatin with her doubles partner Gabbi Escamilla.  They were behind early and came back to win. Against Gresham the team won despite having 3 starters out.



Rugby (Head Coach Keith Swenson, assisted by Kevin Sowders and Lynn Schoenfeld) 

The OC Pioneer Rugby team improved their overall record to 7-0 last Saturday with a 102-5 win over Centennial.  There were some standout individual performances.  Johnny Millard – 4 trys = 20 pointsHank Schoenfeld – 2 trys = 10 points, Cole Sowders – 2 trys = 10 points, Wyatt Dillman – 1 try + 5 conversions = 15 points, and Truman Davis – 1 try + 2 conversions = 9 points