Career Spotlight Presentation

November 15, 2017


Oregon City High School had a special advisory to help students learn more about their various career options. We had 37 guest speakers who spoke with students about Careers.  Guest speakers covered how much education was required, what do they actually do at their job, skills needed.  Also very important was how much money did they make! Students were also given time to ask questions.


Students were given the opportunity to select which guest speaker they wanted to hear.  There were 1,100 students who chose to particpate.


During the session from Eder Campuzano, reporter for the Oregonian; students learned there is a teen section in the Oregonian.  The Oregonian also offers a High School Journalism Institute each summer.  Here is information about last years Journalism Institute.  All-expenses-paid program on the Oregon State campus in Corvalis.


The State of Oregon Employment Department website has valuable information to investigating Careers.  Under the Career & Business Information category. Select Look Up Wages & Job Info.  This search offers a multiple of information including, description, what license and certification needed, educational requirements, where to go to school,  skills, employment outlook, wage range.


Who knows maybe of these students have now chosen to be a fighfighter, journalist, electrician, drafter, auto mechanic, teacher, nurse, pharmacist, lawyer, police officer or many other careers all because of what they learned from these presentations.


Thank you to all the guest speakers for your help in preparing our students for career success!   





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Ira Glass on Storytelling 

This video was shared from guest speaker, Eder Campuzano,reporter for the Oregonian.

But it is also very appropriate for students as they enter into the career field.







Guest Speakers

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

   Research and Development Manager, Dannon Frozen Yogurt – Laurie Washington

Arts, A/V Technology, & Communications

  Stage Manager – Linda Apperson

  Reporter, Oregonian – Eder Campuzano

Information Technology

  Software Training Specialist, Meridian Link  – David Meyer

  Manager of Online Education, Intel Corp – Anne Batey

  Senior Business Analyst Consultant –Kim Ossenkop

Energy & Engineering

  Lab Director/Metallurgical Engineering – Jaret Frafjord

  Project Estimator in Plumbing and Water Treatment Industry – Rich Grisham

  Aeronautics – Bill Tidd

  Electrical Apprentice and Journeyman Electrician – Haley Williams and Ralph Williams

Architecture & Construction

  Commercial Interior Design – Erica Frafjord

  Operations Manager in Heavy Civil Construction – Tim Hayner

  Drafter/3D Architecture Modeling – Chris Kitts


  Sheet Metal Superintendent, Portland Mechanical Contractors – Eric Montoya

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

  Automotive Technician – Wryann Van Riper

  Automotive Instructor, CCC – Tom Landeen

Health Sciences

  Registered Nurse, Providence Willamette Falls – Kellie Canchola

  Pediatric Registered Nurse, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital - Julie Casey

  Program Manager/RN, Multnomah County Corrections Health – Myque Obiero

  Pharmacist, Kaiser Permanente – Fideliz Lim

Government & Public Administration

  Oregon Women’s Veterans Coordinator and Army Veteran – Elizabeth Estabrooks

Human Services  

  Insurance Agent and Entrepreneur, TJ Beck Agency – Thomas Beck

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security

  Lawyer, Buckley Law P.C. – Richard Mario

  Law Professor and Retired Military – Doug MacEllven

  Lieutenant Firefighter, Clackamas Fire District 1 – Steve Hoffeditz

  Correctional Officer – Brendan Rogers

  Police Officer - Spencer Rohde 

Education & Training

  High School Teacher – Megan Wenzinger

  High School Teacher  - Pat McDonald

  High School Teacher  - Greg Hellman


  Commercial Advertising Project Manager, Ramsay Signs –Garrett Gibson

  Marketing/Advertising – Brent Bohrer 

Business Management & Administration

  Franchise Owner, Menchie’s – Vicki Calcagno

  Creative Marketing, Chef/Urban Farm, Fashion – Jamie Melton, Stacy Givens, and Nai Zhao

  Small Business Owner/Ecommerce, – William Gifford

Business Management & Administration

  Partner at Public Relations Firm, Quinn Thomas – Rick Thomas


  Branch Manager, Key Bank – Emily Goodman