Choir and Band Students Attend OSU College Music Preview

By Jake Worthey, student reporter 



Recently, a handful of students from Oregon City High School’s Band and Choir department went on an adventure to Oregon State University for their once a year College Music Preview. This preview gave high school students the opportunity to play and or sing some music with college students. It gave a closer look into what you can expect in the everyday college life.


The Music Preview Registration started early in Corvallis at 8:00. Students from high schools all across the state began rolling into Lasells Auditorium for their morning breakfast, and Meet n’ Greet with the Music Preview staff. After the Meet n’ Greet session, the OSU staff was ready to carry on through the rest of the day’s events.


The day started off with a presentation from the OSU Music Staff. The information was more to do with college itself rather than with the music, but that didn’t mean the students didn’t get to have the thrilling college music experience. All the students got to sing and or play music with the music department of OSU, as well as listen to what OSU has in the ways of music.


The high schoolers watched a performance in the OSU Museum that ranged from opera singing to duets and electronic xylophoning. Students gave a standing ovation. Soon afterward the students were divided into two groups, band and choir. They were given sheet music to sight read and rehearse with the OSU Students.


Host Steve Zelkie conducted the choir students and OSU’s band director, Jason Gossett, lead the students rehearsing with the band. The high school students were given an hour to rehearse with those at OSU. It gave the high school students an exhilarating feeling. “I loved rehearsing with the Chamber Choir,” said KC Solace, a senior choir student at OCHS. “ It has inspired me to take part in the welcoming air of OSU.” With the rehearsal coming to an end it was time for the last few activities of the day.


Musicality and Scholarship Auditions were next. Musicality gave the high schoolers more information about music and its history and playing music related games. It gave the students a better understanding of music and how it influenced OSU students’ lives. Scholarship auditions were the final event of the day. It gave high schoolers the chance to audition for money to use for college.


Though the music had taken place through the day, other amazing things happened that truly gave high schoolers the true feeling of the college atmosphere. Students were given much information about a lot of the important parts of the OSU campus. They were also given a campus tour where they got to see some of OSU’s most historical landmarks and buildings. The looks of some of these buildings had amazed the students here at OCHS. “The buildings seemed archaic and like they held knowledge,” said senior choir student Kyler Baker. “ They were very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and seemed like they had history behind them.”