Chopping for Charity - AGAIN!

What do high school boys do when there is no school on a Friday?  Well 14 members of the Oregon Pioneer Rugby team (Oregon City HS), a team mom and a coach spent a Friday this Fall chopping, hauling and stacking firewood at a local church which ultimately will be delivered to low-income elderly residents of Clackamas County.  Not only was this a community service, it provided these players the opportunity to bond as a team and to get fit for Oregon Pioneer Rugby’s upcoming 2020 season.
And, that’s not all.  These players and their coach will continue to help this church load firewood, make deliveries and unload firewood through the winter.   This is merely these players living up to the team’s motto:  “MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
And, this is the second year that Oregon Pioneer Rugby players have donated their time to help the church with much-needed help providing firewood for the low-income elderly.  Click on the following address to see a Clackamas Review article from Fall 2018: