Drama Classes Play Improv Games

By Timothy Vargas, Student reporter


Teams of Drama 1 students hastily practiced games and found out their best actors as they prepared for the Theatre Sports Competition.


Each team was given different prompts from the audience so that neither team had much time to plan out what to do on their turn.


The teams were given one of eleven games to play for the judges. Each game had one or two key players, like “First Line, Last Line,” in which the team had a key player say a first line to open up the act and another key player say a last line to bring it to a close. Another game, “Sixty seconds to die,” featured one key player that must die from an unusual cause within 60 seconds with the team only given 15 seconds to plan.


The Theatre Sports Competition was a two day event in which teams of five to seven competed against other teams in their class period. Each team played an equal amount of matches so that no team could spend the entire period on stage.


Three judges, from Drama Two, Three and Four, decided which team won the round based on the “give and take” of the scenes, what the stage pictures were like and how funny the scene was. Additionally, scenes that broke the rules were disqualified and the competing team was automatically given the point.


The Theatre Sports Competition is a regular event. Ed Kline, the disqualification judge and teacher of Drama 1 said, “I have been doing [the] Theatre Sports competition for as long as I have been teaching drama… mainly it is used for community building.”


At the end of the competition the second period teams ended with “The Fantastic 7” making a surprise recovery and winning with four points. Second place was a tie between “The Snapping Crickets,” and “The Goofy Goobers.” Coming in third place place was both “The Color Indigo,” and “The Farquad Star Squad.” And last place belonged to “The Devil Diamonds.”


The class had a good experience participating in this competition. Freshman Alex Torres of “The Snapping Crickets” said, “It was very fun, everyone was having fun. It’s a good way to practice all the things we learned.”