Drama Department Hires Guest Artist for Miracle on 34th Street

By Alanis Graham, Reporter  


OCHS thespians and hired guest artist, Sam Levi, prepare to bring the Christmas spirit to the stage through the first play of the 2016-2017 school year, Miracle on 34th Street.


Unlike most years, the drama department has hired a guest artist to play one of the main characters, Chris Kringle.


Although it isn’t exactly traditional, drama teacher and director, Karlyn Love, assured what a “wonderful opportunity it is to have the students working with a guest artist.”


Even at auditions the Levi altered the entire atmosphere of the room. Auditionee, Jaedon Lewis said “He just kept encouraging the smaller things to continue, even though we weren’t the main focus of the scene. It really wore off on me.”


Auditionee Ellie Lundgreen agreed, “It was the little things he did that kept the scenes going. It was very professional.”


As Love has often said, “If you play tennis with someone better than you, you’re going to get better,” encouraging students to act alongside others with experience if given the chance.


The theater department aims to provide entertainment to put people in the right spirit for the holidays. Although Miracle on 34th Street is a “Christmas” play, it is certainly no gushy Hallmark production.


The play is “very anti-corporate-America. It’s Christmassy without being too cutesy,” and although the original movie aired in 1947, the play “deals with themes that are still discussed today”, Love said.


The dwindling budget of the performing arts department have put musicals out of reach, but refusing to admit defeat, Love is going to make it “as good as [she] can make it.” The compromise? The selected performance will be a play with music. In fact, over half an hour of pre-show Christmas music has already been selected.