The Elevator






    The Elevator (pdf)

       Written by Oregon City High School Students

       Journalism Class - Fall 2016





















OCHS journalism students have begun publishing again! 

Issues of The Elevator, were distributed Thursday to all Language Arts teachers and select teachers around the school. Please take the opportunity to read this magazine created by students in the Fall journalism class. 

The Elevator, named after downtown Oregon City’s municipal elevator, dates back to as far as the 1920s. But, at the turn of the last century, “papers just kind of faded out,” said McDonald. He, along with the twenty-seven student reporters in the class, are determined to get a new run of the paper off the ground. 


If you are interested in getting involved with student journalism, there is a new club you can join. We will have an exploratory meeting after school on Thursday, January 26from 3-4 in D207. If you can't make the meeting, stop by and introduce yourself to Mr. McDonald anyway. 







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