Equestrian - Meet 2 Results

Pictured is the drill team who took 1st place!


OC equestrian wins the TRV OHSET meet #2! Overall OC came out #1 again!

 March 16 - 19, 2017



(Photo to the right) Junior Alexa Wacker led the team to another win with 89 individual points. Senior Emmerson Smith was right behind her with 64 points. Sophomore Alex Gross scored 64. Junior Allie Nuhring with 63 & Grace Steiner with 58. Those were our top 5 riders from meet #2.








Results for TRV Meet #2!

Results for TRV Meet #2!

In Hand Trail:
1st- Emmerson Smith
3rd- (tie) Brooke Birchard & Alex Gross
11th- Tassja Villarreal
15th- Leah Bills

3rd- Alex Gross
9th- Tassja Villarreal 
11th- Brooke Birchard 
14th- Emmerson Smith
16th- McKayla Hainey

10th- Mackenzie Widmer
11th- Tassja Villarreal 
14th- Brooke Birchard
18th- Mckayla Hainey
21st- Tyler Ward

2nd (A)- Alexa Wacker, Brooke Birchard, Emmerson Smith, Alex Gross
6th (B)- Taylor Lowe, Allie Nuhring, Tassja Villarreal, Mickie Widmer

Drill 6+
1st- Alexa Wacker, Taylor Lowe, Emmerson Smith, Amy Steiner, Grace Steiner, Allie Nuhring, Mickie Widmer, Abigail Norton

6th- Kylee Lawson

1st- Emmerson Smith
2nd- Alexa Wacker
4th- Taylor Lowe
6th- Kylee Lawson
7th- Sophia Tekorius 

Hunt Seat: 
10th- Brooke Birchard
12th- Emmerson Smith
20th- Taylor Lowe
22nd- Tassja Villarreal
28th- Alex Gross
29th- Kylee Lawson
29th- Tyler Ward
32nd- Sophia Tekorius 

Working Rancher:
3rd- Emmerson Smith
7th- Mickie Widmer
11th- Mckayla Hainey
12th- Nate Shadrick

2nd- Grace Steiner
3rd- Nate Shadrick
4th- Amy Steiner
6th- Mickie Widmer

Team Penning:
4th "C"- Allie Nuhring, Taylor Lowe, Abigail Norton
10th "A"- Alexa Wacker, Grace Steiner, Amy Steiner
11th "D"- Leah Bills, Tyler Ward, Nate Shadrick
12th "B"- Emmerson Smith, Mickie Widmer, Kylee Lawson

3rd (tie)- Mckayla Hainey
5th- Taylor Lowe
6th- Alexa Wacker

4th- Brooke Birchard 
6th- Alex Gross
9th- Mckayla Hainey
12th- Sophia Tekorius 
14th- Tassja Villarreal
17th- Leah Bills

Working Pairs:
1st- "A" Alexa Wacker & Taylor Lowe
2nd- "B" Brooke Birchard & Mickie Widmer
3rd- "E" Grace Steiner & Amy Steiner
10th(tie)- "C" Alex Gross & Abigail Norton
10th (tie)- "D" Allie Nuhring & Kylee Lawson
14th- "F" Stacey Edgecomb & Sophia Tekorius 

Two Man Biwrangle:
1st "A" Alexa Wacker & Grace Steiner
3rd "B" Abigail Norton & Amy Steiner 
4th "D" Taylor Lowe & Allie Nuhring
11th "C" Kylee Lawson & Mackenzie Widmer
12th "E" Mckayla Hainey & Alex Gross
13th "F" Tyler Ward & Nate Shadrick 
22nd "G" Sophia Tekorius & Leah Bills

Canadian Flags:
3rd  "B" Taylor Lowe, Allie Nuhring, Kylee Lawson, Abigail Norton
5th "A" Alexa Wacker, Mackenzie Widmer, Amy Steiner, Grace Steiner
9th "C" Leah Bills, Sophia Tekorius, Nate Shadrick, Tyler Ward

2nd- Grace Steiner
6th- Amy Steiner
8th- Allie Nuhring 
10th- Abigail Norton
14th- Kylee Lawson
20th- Leah Bills
24th- Stacey Edgecomb 
27th- Sophia Tekorius 

1st- Alexa Wacker
2nd- Taylor Lowe
3rd- Allie Nuhring 

Figure 8:
1st- Alexa Wacker
2nd- Grace Steiner
4th- Amy Steiner
6th-Allie Nuhring 
7th- Abigail Norton
15th- Mackenzie Widmer
17th- Kylee Lawson
25th- Leah Bills
28th- Nate Shadrick

Individual Flags:
1st- Allie Nuhring 
7th- Abigail Norton
12th- Leah Bills
14th- Tyler Ward
15th- Amy Steiner
16th- Nate Shadrick

Pole Bending:
1st- Alexa Wacker
4th- Amy Steiner
5th- Abigail Norton
10th- Allie Nuhring
12th- Taylor Lowe
13th- Grace Steiner
17th- Stacey Edgecomb 

1st "A"- Alexa Wacker, Grace Steiner, Brooke Birchard, Alex Gross
3rd "B"- Taylor Lowe, Amy Steiner, Mickie Widmer, Allie Nuhring
4th "D"- Nate Shadrick, Leah Bills, Tyler Ward, Sophia Tekorius
6th "C"- Mckayla Hainey, Tassja Villarreal, Kylee Lawson, Abigail Norton

1st- Alex Gross

12th- Sophia Tekorius
16th- Tyler Ward