Forecasting for Next Years Classes

 Any questions contact OCHS Counseling offfice.        503.785.8760  



February 22 - Extended Advisory     

* Students receive Curriculum Handbook  

* Juniors get sheet with credits.   

* Students notified about classes with applications.  Apps available online and in   Counseling. 


 Wednesday, March 1 - Extended Advisory   

         * Students receive forecasting sheets. 


 Thursday, March 2 - Tuesday, March 7 - During lunches

         * Counselors available in the front lobby for questions.   


 Wednesday, March 8 - Extended Advisory

* 9th / 10th on computers, entering electives

* Juniors - checking and rechecking forecasting sheets, they can start inputting courses


 Friday, March 10 

* Juniors meet with counselors in the Library during their English class  

* To check to see if forecast sheets are correct and making sure online forecasting is complete.  


Forecasting How To Video - show Wed, March 1

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Forecasting Video - show Wed, February 22




     Curriculum Handbook (pdf)

















Forecasting Videos


Forecasting Sheets




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