Geology Students Take Field Trip to Mount Hood

By Hannah Stuebe, reporter


The Oregon City High School Geology class, taught by Chris Hedeen, took an adventure up to Mt. Hood September 27.


The field trip included several little stops as the class made its way up Mt. Hood.


The main idea for the field trip was to examine the differences in rocks and look at trees to see how the conditions have affected them.  


The first stop took place on the Clackamas River not too far out of Oregon City.  This was where the class learned their first lesson about the differences in landscape. The class also learned that Oregon City was built on a lava flat.


The second stop was at a grassy knoll where the students collected their tree samples. All the students split up into groups to go and find the biggest tree.  


The students collected and analyzed tree samples to see the age and the conditions they lived through. “By looking at the tree’s core you can tell a lot” said Hedeen.


The next stop was at Timberline Lodge.  The class hiked up a hill and crossed a little stream.  After going about a half mile the students made their way to a stopping point where they could see the different colors on the mountain (and so some could push rocks down the hill).  


The final stop was a little further down the mountain on the Sandy River.  The students explored and looked at rocks.  One student explored a little too much and even fell in the water. This stop was student Carly Levario’s favorite. “I liked how you could see all the different colors on the mountain so you could see that there was previous events that happened on it.” said Levario.


Geology student, Amber Lanz, was really interested in the field trip and said “It was one of the best field trips I’ve been on and it was a good reason to miss school. I’m excited for the next one.”