Grad Party Volunteers Sign Up



JUNIOR PARENTS - if you can help at the Chiles Center for bus check-in or setup at the venue would be helpful so senior parents can enjoy graduation with the graduate.


SENIOR PARENTS - Activity chaperone and bus chaperone are still available. To ensure the safety of the kids and the party is fun, volunteers are needed. 


ALL: A few details. 

1. All volunteers will be emailed by Saturday, 6/8 with their volunteer assignment.

2. The venue is 30-45 minutes from the Chiles Center or Oregon City.

3. If you plan on riding a bus from the Chiles Center to the venue and not listed as a bus chaperone, please let us know so we can plan enough seats for everyone.

4. At the venue, there will be a parent room to store your purse, rest or just take a break. This room will be monitored by a parent volunteer all night to secure our stuff.

5. Unfortunately, the location is not disclosed earlier for safety and or student party crashers, so you will receive a text and email on Sunday before graduation of where to go.  If you have a skilled negotiator (your senior student) you WILL be asked and this also helps any pressure you may have in not disclosing - you just don't know :)


Any questions, please email Thanks again and look for more details next week.