Haynie's Adventure in Life

A beautiful story about Mark and Kathy Haynie's love story. They are both teachers at OCHS who are retiring this year and will be greatly missed from all of us.  Thank you to the Haynie's for spending their many years at OCHS.

Mrs. Haynie - English teacher      Mr. Haynie - Spanish teacher


How Mark and I came to both teach at OCHS ....


Mark and I have known each other since 8th grade. We dated briefly after high school, but then I married my 1st husband while Mark was serving a 2-year church mission. I went back to college (I had completed only 1 year after high school) in 1990, when I was a mother of 5 children. I attended CCC & Lewis & Clark (divorced my 1st husband senior year of college, married Mark 1 year later). I started teaching (Spanish) at Moss in 1995. In the spring of 1996, Mark and I compared our paychecks, and they were identical, but I had the whole summer off and he had only 2 weeks. This made it difficult to spend time with our 8 children, and he decided to attend night school to pursue a teaching credential. He took a few night classes at PCC, and then enrolled in Pacific University's after-hours program in February 1998. In summer 1998 we both went to Mexico on a 3-week trip through OSU for intensive Spanish study. After we returned, we found out that our newly hired Spanish teacher at Moss, set to begin fall of 1998, had resigned the position, and the district now had an opening with very few candidates. It was late summer and it is difficult to find world languages teachers. Long story short, the district hired Mark on an emergency conditional license, and he began teaching at Moss that fall. He did his "student teaching" in his own classroom at Moss, and the district paid for the rest of his courses to complete his teacher certification requirements. We have been so blessed to have been teaching together more than 20 years (me 24, Mark 21) at Moss and OCHS. We never could have planned for everything to turn out as it did, and we know that we had the help of higher powers in bringing everything together for our teaching careers. 


In retirement we look forward to spending time with our large blended family (9 children / 31 grandchildren / 2 elderly mothers), along with canoeing and backpacking the Pacific Northwest. We have been richly blessed with wonderful colleagues and students for all of these years. 


---   Kathy Haynie, OCHS English teacher


Mrs. Haynie on the Pacific Crest Trail near the end of a solo 50-mile backpack hike in 2008.