Honor Cord 2018

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - 6:30pm


Student List of Honor Cord 2018  (pdf)


By Invitation Only

Invitations will be sent home to parents.


Held at the Abernethy Center

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

At 6:30pm.



Guest Speaker:  

Grant Torgerson  OCHS Alumni



This event is to present students with their honor cord which is worn during graduation. It respresents their high academic achievements. 

These students have earned an Honors or Advanced diploma with a 3.80 or above weighted GPA.



The first annual Honor Cord Banquet was held in 1981. The inspiration for this event originated with Jim Perkin, Vice Principal, who thought there should be a special way to celebrate honor graduates for their high academic achievements. He came up with the idea of a dinner arranged especially for them. With the help of many staff members he organized what was then called the Honor Cord’s Banquet. They transformed the cafeteria into a setting of elegance for this occasion.


Time simplified the name but not the original purpose of the event. The passing of the years has seen the tradition continue with an even more elegant atmosphere. Each year our top academic graduates gather together on an evening in the spring to be recognized at a dinner which features a motivational speaker and staff who are hosts and servers for a festive meal.  Parents and staff together continue this tradition in style.



Honor Cord Requirements


• Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.80 (weighted) through the end of winter trimester senior year.

• Ten days after the final winter trimester grades are posted, honor cord students will be selected. Any grade changes after that will not be considered.

• Students must earn an Honors or Advanced Diploma.

• Students will complete all 2 or 3 trimester-long academic courses (English, social sciences, science, mathematics, and world language).

• Students will be enrolled in a minimum of 5 courses each trimester throughout the four years of high school unless otherwise arranged with their counselor (exceptions may be made for international exchange programs or early entrance to college).

• Students cannot have an P (pass), NP (no pass), or NC (no grade) on their transcript for any class that requires a letter grade.

• An N is acceptable if students repeated a class to improve their grade.

• Students will meet the responsibilities for behavior as outlined in the Code of Conduct.

• 2 or more instances of academic dishonesty will terminate the opportunity to earn an honor cord.