How Far Behind Before Truck Driver Can See Driver Ed Car?

Pacific Seafood brought one of their delivery trucks to OCHS to the summer driver education classes.  The students got to climb into the driver seat and see first hand what the driver actually see's from his mirrors.  All the students were surprised how far back the driver education car was behind the Pacific Seafood truck and still could not visually see the car but only the shadow of the car.  


The transportation manager at Pacific Seafood then came into the classroom and spoke to the class about being responsible safe drivers around trucks on the highways and roads. The students asked some great questions and the first hand experience was a true learning experience!  Thank you Pacific Seafood


OCSD Driver Education Program also has the following addtional guest speakers:  

1) Oregon City Police Department  

2) Patty McMillian with Clackamas County Safe Communities  

3) Trauma Nurse with Legacy  


For more information about OCSD Driver Education Program ..  read more 

Fall 2014 Driver Education Registration is now open.