Madisyn Montgomery - 1st OCHS Rose Festival Princess

Madisyn Montgomery was crowned Metro East princess for the 2017 Rose Festival Court

during a ceremony on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

Madisyn is the first Oregon City High School Rose Festival princess.

She is a junior at OCHS.


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Meet the Metro East princess



Born in Portland, Madisyn Montgomery, 17, is the daughter of Phala and Todd Montgomery. She hopes to attend a university where she can explore business and the arts.

More about the Metro East princess, as told to the Portland Rose Festival: 

High school activities and honors: I am a member of OASC, serving as the State President in 2016-17. I've been a Girl Scout for 10 years and am a current Ambassador. I was a freshman and sophomore varsity golf member (2015/2016 Mt. Hood Conference All League Second Team), and won a 1st Pamplin Amazing Kid Award for Oregon City. I was a Student Council member, serving as the 2016-17 Junior Class President. I'm an NHS executive board member and was Junior Homecoming Princess. I took second place in the Veterans Post Essay Contest in 2015; I'm a member of the 2015-17 Capital Ambassadors Program, and a 2016 Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador.

Hobbies and special interests: Any spare time I have is very limited, so I embrace these moments. I enjoy listening to country music, visiting ice cream shops with friends, cooking up a new recipe, or watching the latest romantic movie while eating lots of dark chocolate. When inspired, I'll include workout sessions. I also volunteer at Youthline, a crises hotline for teens.

What is your favorite place to visit in Portland and why? My favorite place to visit in Portland is Salt and Straw, located in the Pearl District, on the corner of 23rd Avenue. I think they have some of the quirkiest and tastiest ice cream in Oregon.

What are you most proud of during your high school career? I'm most proud of the creation and development of my organization CTFK, Continue To Find Kindness. At the age of 11 I was inspired to help young girls recognize bullying, resolve bullying, and revolutionize kindness. To date, my board of 9 girls and I have currently spoken to -- and educated -- more than 1,000 students. Our goal is to help prepare, solve and sustain friendships. I'm proud of my passion for beginning and growing a solution to tackle a phenomenon I found within my community and others in founding CTFK.

What is your favorite Rose Festival event and why? My favorite event of the Rose Festival is the Grand Floral Parade. When I was little I remember walking into a large warehouse filled with floats with my Girl Scout troop, and being amazed by all of them. I wanted badly to help, but knew I needed to wait a few more years. I'll never forget walking into yet another warehouse that housed many of last year's floats. I was excited to now be able to volunteer to help build them. I not only had the experience of building floats, but also got to march next to them. The Grand Floral Parade is truly an amazing all-around festival event.

Benjamin Brink for the Portland Rose Festival