Marketing Class Brings Life Back to Pete’s Place

By Josie Robins, Reporter 

Each year the Marketing 2 class is given the great responsibility of making Pete’s Place as inviting as possible.


The class which has a total of six people along with the help of Marketing 1 students, will create a goal, and do whatever it takes to make that goal come true.


Marketing teacher Ms. Daniels said, “My goal for Marketing 2 students is to get managing experience.”


Pete’s Place sells everything from snacks that staff and students can buy at lunch to school apparel, along with the famous cookies that a lot of the students really enjoy. Pete’s Place is also in the progress of getting a new printer for printing on shirts and water bottles.


Marketing 2 students have to come up with a goal that will benefit Pete’s Place and make that goal a reality. Marketing 2 student Ashton Johnson said, “We like to decorate the store in seasonal stuff. That way it feels more inviting to the students. We are trying to bring a broader range of people into the store, so we can be more interactive with the students and staff,” said Johnson.


With the help from the Marketing One students, the Marketing Two students and their teacher are hopeful they will achieve their goals this school year.