New Opportunities For Talented and Gifted Students

By Jazz Hilbert, Reporter


Talented and Gifted students have many after-school and extracurricular opportunities available at Oregon City High School.


Students and parents arrived at the TAG meeting held each year at OCHS.


The goal was to get students involved in after-school activities. Clubs, games and various programs including International Seminar can help them build themselves and their life goals.


“It’s a good way for kids to pursue their interests,” Patrick McDonald, TAG Group Leader, said.


There are many challenges in the clubs and International Seminar, but “TAG students are good at learning in all sorts of environments,” McDonald said.


New OMSI trips are also being brought into the middle and elementary school programs. There, younger TAG members will be introduced to the TAG program. Finding things to do after school becomes easier as they get older.


OCHS Counselor Teresa Kaufman urged the students to take risks. “It’s about what you do outside of school,” she said. “You are some of the brightest students in OCHS.”


Colleges will also be looking at what extra-curricular activities students accomplish, said Kaufman.


Senior Claire Paulsen is part of TAG. She claimed the meeting was a great way to understand the basics of the program. An extra support group, Paulsen said.


Sharon Pittenger, OCHS TAG Coordinator, invited parents to the meeting.


“I’m required to meet with TAG students every year,” Pittenger said. It’s a way to support the students, and teach them how the TAG program works. Bringing the parents along so they can understand too makes it all a lot easier, said Pittenger.


If a TAG teen is failing a class, or struggling to handle certain courses, Pittenger offered her assistance. “Any student has a right to ask for an independent TAG plan,” she said. They just need to speak with her, and their counselor, and a new plan will be made.