OC Students Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Kiara Miles, reporter   


Many students have someone close to them who has experienced breast cancer.


OCHS takes this month to recognize and pay tribute to those experiencing and have experienced the disease.


Oregon City football players wear pink under the Friday night lights in support of the month.  “ I love wearing my pink socks on game night.” said junior Izzy Miles.


Students show up with their pink attire; the student section is covered in pink, cheering on the players.


OCHS shows awareness by having students dress in pink Friday. “I’m going all out this year. Go big or go home,” said senior Sarah Spalding.


OCHS football and Clackamas football teams, showed up in pink last Friday to show their support. Two rivals came together for a common purpose and set the game aside to acknowledge and pay tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


“My gramma and mom both went through breast cancer themselves. It's refreshing to see the school show their support,” said sophomore Kaley Smith.


OCHS’s efforts in showing their support has had a great impact on the students. Students took time out of their hectic lives, in this month of October, to reflect on those impacted by the disease.