OCHS Biology Students Earn College Credit From Oregon Institute of Technology

By Kenny Jess, student reporter. 


Oregon City High School (OCHS) offers college credit through Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) for the Biology courses. OCHS students enrolled in AP Biology and Honors Advanced Biology have an opportunity to earn college credit from OIT for their efforts. The classes count as Biology 101, 102, and 103 at the college level.


The classes cover an introduction to general Biology and Medical science. Students can earn money toward a degree for taking the full set of classes in high school.


The scholarship comes through the Kaiser Medical Scholarship Program for students working toward a degree in Health Sciences. This scholarship will automatically be installed upon enrollment.


Often students don’t see the benefit of taking classes in high school that they could take in college, however, OCHS AP Biology teacher Kris White said, “taking these classes is like a scholarship because tuition, housing, and classes all cost money so getting these credits while you’re in high school living with your parents saves you enough money to be like a scholarship. Even if you’re not going into a career in the sciences, you still have to take a lab class. This would count as that lab class.”


OCHS charges $300 in total which will give students 12 credits spread across three trimesters. Classes are free for students on free or reduced lunch. To put that into perspective, the book necessary to take these classes in college is $150, before students pay for the $227 per credit hour that OIT charges.


OCHS has devoted three class periods and two teachers to this program every trimester. Senior and student of both classes Logan Caulkins said “These classes are a phenomenal opportunity. If people want to take their education into their own hands, there’s no limit to what they can do.”