OCHS Choir Program Prepares For First Concert of The School Year

By Jake Worthey, Reporter 


The choir is standing with their music in hand while voices are singing out and an echo is pounding all throughout the school's main entrance. The sound, in itself, is like no other. One of Oregon City High School’s choirs is prepping for their upcoming concert. Not only does practicing in the main entrance of the school help the choir better their sound, but it gives the students and faculty a preview of what they have coming- though it is only a glimpse of what has yet to come.


OCHS’s Choir Program has been learning their fall set of music since the beginning of school. They only have a couple of weeks to brush up on their music until their performance on October 20th. All the choirs have a specific set of songs for the performance.


The pieces the choirs sing are both unique and challenging.  The choirs can often be heard singing in different languages, which only gives them that much more of a challenge. Some students even sing in multiple choirs at once which makes learning their songs a little more complicated than the rest, but that doesn't necessarily make it extremely challenging.


Veteran senior choir student Elijah Roach, like many others in choir, have been in choir for a huge portion of their life: “If your time management skills are good then being in multiple choirs isn’t challenging at all,” Roach said.  “It’s actually a blast.” Likewise to having students in choir from early on in their lives, there are students this year that have never stepped foot into a choir room until this year at OCHS. They really put their skills to the test as they sing for the first time ever at a choir concert. Freshman Daniel Vick of Concert Choir is one of those students: “Although this would be my first performance at OCHS, I love the choir program and am prepared for it.”


The dedication, and preparation, of the students is very important. The same can be said for the boss behind them leading them to their successful performance. Choir Director Julia Voorhies has certain challenges of her own. She has to learn every single song in the program herself as she has to conduct them and teach it to her students. She has years of experience with what she does so it isn’t challenging to her. “I memorize my music in a different way than my choirs,” said Voorhies. “ I have to learn the time signatures, dynamics, cut offs, and piano cues.”


The amount of work that Voorhies and the  choirs give is time consuming. It is only one of many different forms of  dedication at OCHS. As the choirs close in on their first performance of the year, they hope to be able to deliver an amazing performance to those that attend. With that being said, they continue to practice to improve themselves before their performance on October 20th.