OCHS Marching Band Rocks Homecoming Halftime Show

By Eli Lary, Reporter 


The Oregon City High School Marching Band performed a classic rock themed halftime during the homecoming football game.


The Scarlet Brigade worked on a field show featuring songs by The Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones for roughly a month and a half.


The process of preparing the show included memorizing three songs, “Paint It Black,” “Pinball Wizard,” and “Eleanor Rigby.” The percussion section, however, took an opportunity to memorize a fourth song, as well as write their own movements to accompany it during the assembly. They definitely made sure it was one of their most exciting and intricate performances to date.

In the first week of having the music, the band managed to memorize “Paint It Black” as well as the field movements for the song.


Recently, the band performed their show at a Linfield college football game. The band received an overwhelmingly positive response from the school, even being asked by an audience member, “Which college are you guys from?”


The band worked on the final polishing of the performance homecoming week, as well as prepared for the homecoming parade, which began at Gardiner Middle School and ended at the Pioneer Stadium.