Pandemonium Dance Club Busts A Move

By Davion Spaulding, student reporter 


For about three years now, Oregon City students have been learning how to pop, lock, wave, isolate, and do many other dance styles after school at the Pandemonium Dance Club.


This dance club is for people that are willing to commit and practice outside of school and the club to be able to keep with others. The Pandemonium Dance Club accepts anyone and encourages everyone to come.


Pandemonium was started two years ago by Davion Spaulding and Mikel Roach. It’s every Friday after school from 3:00 to 4:00 or 4:30. The club has become a refuge for people who love to dance and love to learn new dances.


A long time member, Ginni Schwartz, has been going since it first started, and loves doing it.“ I dance like it’s something that helps me live,” said Schwartz. “It helps me relax and it helps me focus on what I need to do in life. Pandemonium has made me happy because I'm with my best friends and everything is better when you have some people to share it with.”


Pandemonium currently has 13 members, and is hoping for more to join. One of the club creators, Mikel Roach, has gone to every practice since the club started. “It’s about having fun with people who love to dance are coming together to have a good time. Teaching people how to dance without taking away their individuality” said Roach. Some of the club members have possible intentions on performing at school events like assemblies and games.


Teaching will be the main priority for the club, but the more experienced members will work on more to expand the club along with getting more members.