Pioneer Scarlet Brigade Prepares For Their Trip To Honolulu

By LeeAnn Campbell, Reporter 


The Pioneer Scarlet Brigade, composed of the Marching Band, Flag Team, Cheer Team, and JROTC students, are currently preparing for their trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. They will be traveling to the Aloha State to represent the State of Oregon for the 75th Anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, which is a high honor in itself.                


Senior Eli Lary, just one of the many other students who will be embarking on this great adventure, said, “We’ve just started preparing for the performance, really. I’m excited, no doubt, but the problem is that, for the drumline, we have a lot of stuff to memorize that nobody else has to. They can read their music but we can’t. I think that the actual trip is going to be awesome, and it might be my favorite trip, but who knows. It’s going to be a tough challenge to prepare, but we always pull through.”


 Oregon City High School was the only school that was accepted from Oregon, and is one of the three that are representing the west coast. Once there, there will be performances at historic Pearl Harbor sites such as the U.S.S Missouri and U.S.S Arizona. There will also be a performance in downtown Honolulu for the Waikiki Holiday Parade.              


 The trip is scheduled to happen on the 23rd of November with students and staff returning early in the morning of the 30th. This could possibly mean that students may not be in attendance for their finals in November, due to the first finals day being the 30th. However, it will be possible for the students in the Scarlet Brigade to arrange a time with their teachers so that they can get their finals done on time.                  


113 students and 35 adults will be making the trip this coming November, so the emotions are beginning to rise for the students, but their confidence and passion have not faltered. Senior and clarinet section leader Ben Warner said, “I'm especially excited for the trip. We have a talented group of people in the Scarlet Brigade who are not only excellent marchers, but also excellent players. I have no doubts that we will do well in Hawaii, and have no doubts that the Hawaii trip will be amazing. I can't wait.”