Respect Week




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This week is Respect Week. In honor of this we have a video we would like to share to showcase our Unified Sports team, along with some other great influencers to the unified sports program.


So, after watching this we hope you can take away how having a sense of respect is valuable in life. If you would like to support your Unified Sports Program, there will be Respect-o-Grams being sold during both lunches today and tomorrow! Respect-o-Grams are respectful messages attached to a lollipop that you can either personalize, for $1.00, or buy it with a pre-made message for $0.50! You can send a Respect-o-Gram to whoever you choose, and during the week after Spring Break they will be delivered. To also show your support to the Unified Sports Program, Thursday, March 21, you can wear red to show your spirit, and while Respect-o-Grams are being sold, the option to sign up for the Unified Sports Program is available.