Sarah, Plain and Tall - Theatre Arts Dept

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 7:30pm



May 16, 17, 18 & 19, 2018 at 7:30pm. Tickets $8.00.

Directed by Karlyn Love and performed in our Main Stage Theatre.


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Sarah Wheaton is a single woman living in Maine with her brother and his new wife and feels she needs to make a change. Jacob Witting is a farmer in Kansas who has lost his wife and needs help working his farm and raising his two young children, Anna & Caleb. Sarah answers his ad in the newspaper for a wife and a mother and they agree to a month long trial. Anna & Caleb wait and wonder.... will Sarah be nice? Will she sing? Will she stay? Based on the beloved young adult novel by Patricia MacLachlan and with live music, singing and dancing this family friendly story will warm the hearts of all ages. 


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Sarah, Plain and Tall

Cast List

SARAH WHEATON, a Maine woman  -  Annabella Mumma
JACOB WITTING, a Kansas farmer  -  Jaedon Lewis
ANNA WITTING, his daughter  -  Trinity Cooney
CALEB WITTING, his son  -  Ryan Takko
MATTHEW NORDSTROM, a neighbor/DANCER   - Andrew Burville
MAGGIE NORDSTROM, his wife/DANCER   - Ellie Lundgreen
VIOLET NORDSTROM, their daughter/DANCER  -  Carlyn Yoshimura
ROSE NORDSTROM, their daughter/DANCER  -  Andrea Domine
WILLIAM WHEATON, Sarah’s brother  -  Taryn McGhee
MEG WHEATON, his wife  -  Alissa Damewood
HARRIET WHEATON, Sarah’s aunt   - Jane Arterberry
MATTIE WHEATON, Sarah’s aunt  -  Madylin Johnson
LOU WHEATON, Sarah’s aunt  -  Taryn Buckingham
ADULT ANNA, Anna in her 20s  -  Maddy Moyes
EPHRAIM, a paperboy  -  Ian Carpenter
HOWIE, a postman -   Mitchell Pace
EBEN, a coachman  -  Ian Roberts
LEVI, a stationmaster/DANCER  -  Cole Pearson
JOHN SPENCER, a townsman/GUITARIST  -  McKeon Sharp
MRS PRICE, a townswoman/DANCER  -  Nicole Nixon
MR BARKLEY, a neighbor  -  Mr. Mark Haynie
MRS BARKLEY, his wife  -  Ms. Kathy Haynie
MAVIS RIDLEY, a neighbor  -  Alyssa Lind
JESS, a farmer/DANCER  -  Anthony Evans
JUDSON MOFFET, friend of Anna/DANCER  -  Dillin Eikmeier
MR TITUS, a farmer   - Mr. Ed Kline
CHESTER UPSHAW, a salesman  -  Mr. Greg Hellman
MRS SPENCER  -  Alex Graham
GRANDMA BARKLEY  -  Ms. Nancy Jenkins
MYRTLE BARKLEY  -  Jenna Greenwood
MR MOFFET  -  Mr. Allan Brown
MRS MOFFET  -  Ms. Karmin Tomlinson
MR BREYERSON   - Mr. Rocky Smith
MRS BREYERSON  -  Ms. Cyndi Borgmeier
HAZEL BREYERSON  -  Phoenix Stroup
MRS TITUS  -  Ms. Bonita Jordan
PEARL TITUS  -  Kendall Morrow
RUBY TITUS/DANCER  -  Jeni Bronson