Spirit Week Amps Up Students For Homecoming

By Camille Slaughter, Reporter 


The OCHS Spirit Week was the first week of October for all grades to get students excited about Homecoming.


For last weekends homecoming dance, parade, and game, Student Council has set up Spirit Week. Student Council advisor, Michael Lord said, “[Spirit Week] is important because it gets the whole school excited for an event. Dressing up is something every student can do.”


Themes are a very important aspect of Spirit week. “[Student Council] comes up with the [themes] as a consensus of the class,” said Lord.


On Monday of spirit week students were decked out in sports uniforms and athletic gear. Tuesday students dressed their nicest, most girls wearing fancy dresses and the guys wearing button-ups and suits. Wednesday students wore every pink article of clothing they could find. Thursday students took it to another level with costumes, some dressed as Sully from Monsters Inc. and others dressed as Woody from Toy Story. Friday students wore their OC gear, uniforms, t-shirts and anything having to do with the school colors.


As a part of Spirit Week, each academic hallway was decorated to accommodate a class theme. B hall has been decorated for Toy Story, paintings of Woody, Buzz and Rex displayed on the walls. C hall has been decorated for Lilo and Stitch, Hawaiian decorations fill the hallway. D hall has been decorated after The Lion King with vines hanging from the ceiling of upper D and paintings of Timon and Pumba on the walls. E hall has been decorated for Monsters Inc.. The logo of Monsters Incorporated is displayed before the hallway entrance as you come up the D E stairs and a scare leaderboard, like the one seen in the movie, displayed as you walk in, showing Lord in last place.


A contest was held for the hallway decorations. Freshmen came in last place. Sophomores came in third. Seniors came in second. Juniors got first place.


Many students enjoyed the week of dressing up and having a good time with it. Sophomore, Sidney Chan-Orcutt said, “I love Spirit Week. My favorite thing is dressing up and seeing everybody else dressed up, as well as all the excitement that leads up to Homecoming.”


Spirit Week themes:

  • Monday: Athletic Wear
  • Tuesday: Classy
  • Wednesday: Pink Out
  • Thursday: Class Theme
  • Friday: Spirit Out


Class themes:

  • Freshmen: Toy Story
  • Sophomores: Lilo and Stitch
  • Juniors: Lion King
  • Seniors: Monsters Inc.
  • Staff: Inside Out