Staff Retirement Recognition


We have eight staff members who will be retiring at the end of the school year.  Their combined years in education totals 184 years and 123 years at OCHS! If you see any of these staff members in the last few days of school, be sure to thank them for their dedication to OCHS. 

Now we can finally say.. They are finally graduating from OCHS!  We wish them all well.



Tom Lovell

Mr.  Lovell is Oregon City High School's principal.  He started working in education in 1981 as a teacher at Oregon City High School.  He has worked in education for 32 years, which included a combined 10 years at OCHS.  Here is a list of all the positions Mr. Lovell has worked:

Principal at OCHS for 6 years

Principal at Pendelton High School for 9 years

English teacher (12 years: 4 at OCHS, 8 at Pendleton High School)

Football assistant coach - (4 years)

Softball coach (4 years assistant, 2 years head coach at OCHS)

Assistant principal (5 years at Pendleton)

Athletic Director (1 year at Pendleton)


A couple of favorite memories in education were starting the Pioneer Pantry; using a robot to broadcast class lessons to a student who couldn't be here because she had cancer treatments; the student walkout three years ago to draw attention to racist behavior and treatment; the Kevin Brooks assembly (he's coming back here next October!); having my own children attend the school I was the principal at; coaching softball a long time ago at OCHS; meeting so many students while serving as a teacher and administrator and listening to their stories and what life was like to be a teenager in the world at that time.


Mr. Lovell's plans for the future are to play, travel, hike, bike, fish, see all his children, sit outside and read a book that isn't about education or leadership!


"I started my career in education at OCHS and I'm so glad that I get to end it as the principal here.  There are so many amazing things that happen in the school every day, and I'm here to see a lot of it happen.  The six years here as principal have been awesome.  I've loved every minute of it!"




Kathy Johnson 


Ms. Johnson started working in education in 1980.  She has worked in education for 39 years.  She has been at OCHS for 19 years.

Associate principal at OCHS

Health teacher


Ms. Johnson says, "She has been fortunate to work with colleagues that are also friends.  I have so many positive and rewarding memories that it is truly hard to narrow it down.  Everyday has given me the opportunity of making a positive impact in a young persons life, and letting each person I have had the honor of working with know just how very special they are." 


For the future she will be overseeing aspiring teachers within the education program at George Fox University, and spending time with her son and family as much as possible!


Ms. Johnson said "I cannot think of any other career or way that I would of liked to spend the past 39 years."




Kathy Haynie

Mrs. Haynie started teaching in education in 1995. She has worked at OCHS for 24 years.


Curriculum development - Created and taught the following courses:

Reading Writing Workshop 9 (freshman elective to English 9)

Oregon Literature Past and Oregon Literature Present

Northwest Regional Studies seminar (cross-curricular course taught outside of school hours)

Pioneer Readers (support class in adolescent literacy, created the course with a team)

Reading Writing Lab (senior class to help students meet grad requirements)

English 10

AP Literature teacher since 2012.

Taught Spanish for 5 years. 


Work with grants and school leadership:

1996-1997 Completed a Classroom Inquiry project, documenting the benefits of Reading Writing Workshop

1999-2000 Coordinator for Goals 2000 Reading grant, grades 6-8

2000-2001 Wrote a grant around adolescent literacy that was awarded to our department

2000-2005 English department Area Coordinator (department chair)

2004-2006  Member of the Smaller Schools Grant team

2005-2016  OCHS Literacy Coach


Professional development work:

ODE Content Panel for English Language Arts for at least 10 years. 

Scored the Oregon State Writing Assessment for too many years to remember. At least 10. 
For the last several years I was the Lead Rater and I was on the training team.

Many opportunities (too many to remember!) to train the Oregon Writing Scoring Guide, the Oregon Reading Scoring Guide, the Common Core State Standards, and other topics at OCHS, in OCSD at other grade levels, in other districts, at conferences, and at the state level. 

Presented several times on how to teach Oregon Literature at conferences of Oregon Council of Teachers of English 

Mentored 2 full-year student teachers, and many short-term pre-service teachers


Favorite memories of teaching include watching students who struggle in language arts "get it" and learn to love reading stories and using their voices as writers.  Working with colleagues for 11 years as literacy coach, to raise literacy levels across all curriculum areas at OCHS.


Kathy and Mark Haynie plan on spending lots of family time with their vast extended family.  They have 31 grandchildren! They want to get to know them as they grow.  They will be "care partners" with both of their mothers as they age.  They plan on spending a lot of time outdoors having more backpacking miles, canoe camping, hikes outings. Kathy is thinking of keeping a flock of chickens.


"My colleagues at Oregon City High School have made the journey here a true joy.  I am honored to work with so many individuals who are passionate about the children of our community, improving education, and collaborating in these efforts.  What a blessing it has been to spend my entire professional career with the students and staff of Oregon City High School."




Mark Haynie

Mr. Haynie started working in education in 1998.  Worked in education the entire time at OCHS for 21 years.

Mr. Hayne has done a lot of jobs during his time at OCHS, including:

Spanish teacher

Worked with technology in the school and was on the district technology committee for almost 20 years. 

Maintained the laptop cart calendar since its creation.
In charge of ordering toner for printers for the past three years.
Helped my department create the language lab at the high school.
Club advisor to the Family Tree Club and the Ukulele Club.
Helped with the "Small Schools Grant".
Helped chaperone bus trips for drama and beach cleanup.
Acted as host for Honor Cord banquet the last 10 years.
Help with the graduation ceremony every year.
Proctored BYU independant study exams for numerous students.
Led a small group of students on a 9 day trip to Costa Rica.
Trained and taught Spanish based on the TPRS system.  I helped members of my department be trained as well.
On the State of Oregon Content Panel for Standards Creation for World Languages twice.
Scored writing work samples for high school and middle school for the State of Oregon.
Trained on how to give the Modified Oral Proficiency Exam by the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
Been on crew, or acted in, six plays at the high school.  I flew a student in the Peter Pan production at the Jackson campus.


One of Mr. Haynie's favorite memories involved being in a school play.  He was able to be in the play, "It's a Wonderful Life". Mr. Haynie says "Associate not only with fellow staff and my wife, but the lead of the play was a student from my advisory class.  He told me that I HAD to be in the play with him.  He was over-the-top excited when I told him that I had been cast for the play.  He still says hello when he is town."  Mr. Haynie continues,"Another memory that he will never forget happened when he took a group of students to Costa Rica.  The students were playing music over the bus sound system from a phone. The bus driver started flashing the interior colored lights in rhythm with the songs and students on the bus from another school began singing the songs with our students. It was magical."


Now that he is retiring he plans on catching up on gardening at their home and to spend more time with their children and their familes.



Mr. Haynie says " It has been a privelege and honor to work with the staff and employees at OCHS. Working with such dedicated and hardworking colleagues helps me retire in good conscience knowing the students will be well taken care of."




Carol Hansen

Started in education 2003.  Taught in education and worked at OCHS for 16 years. 

 Art teacher at OCHS


Her favorite memory is a common occurrence.  Mrs Hansen says, "So often, a student will say 'I don't know why I'm in this class, I can't even draw a stick figure.'  And then after the student is in the class for a while making art, I see the thrill of creating has stirred the spirit in the student.  I see the student bring a friend in during lunch to show the artwork to the friend.  Then the question is 'When can I take it home?'


Now that she is retiring this will allow her time and energy to focus on the things she loves: painting more, and traveling to new paint locations, participating in art events and teaching small groups of dedicated students.





Dave Millen

Started working in education 2004 with 15 years at OCHS.

Head custodian at OCHS  


One of Dave's favorite memories was when his daughter, Aubrey attended OCHS until she graduated in 2007.  He says it has been wonderful to work among so many fine staff members and students.


Dave and his wife, Pat, have two grandchildren who live in Sherwood and three that live in Canby that they will having adventures with.  One of their big adventures will be to take a road trip to Holland, Michigan without a map to see their four other grandchildren. He looks forward to some new adventures with his wife.


Dave served 4 years in the Air Force, 30 years in the motion picture industry and worked in education for 15 years at Oregon City High School. Life has been very enjoyable. Dave has been a very blessed man and hope to be in the coming years as well.





Lynn Dickson

Lynn Dickson started working in education in 1998 which covers 18 years. 

Over her education career she has covered many positions. As Lynn says, "Variety is the spice of life!"

Crescent Valley High School - Bookkeeper 

Corvallis High School - Attendance 

Administrative Assistant for the Corvallis School District Construction Management Center

Corvallis High - Bookkeeper

Oregon City High School - Bookkeeper for  8 years


Favorite memories are seeing students graduate after working with them for four years.   Also, championship teams make you very proud of the school you're at.


Future plans will be splitting time between Idaho and Oregon, enjoying her grandkids. Plus plans to travel.


Lynn is very grateful she was hired at OCHS.  It's been a great place to work.






Terri Stuck

Started working in education in 2000.  Worked in education for 19 years of which 10 years were at OCHS. 

Instructional Assistant at Redland Elementary

Instructional Assistant in OCHS SLC department


Favorite memories of working in education is watching the growth of our students.


Plans for the future are spending time with family and traveling.


I am thankful for the life long relationships that I have formed in my time with the district.