Student Council Awards Journalism Class Grant to Restart School Paper

By Sadie Seward, Reporter


The Journalism class had the vision to revive the school paper, and was granted $500.00 by Student Council to make it happen.  


Journalism teacher, Pat McDonald and three selected students from the journalism class proposed their grant ideas to the students in Student Council.


The journalism class will use the money from the grant for printing the magazine that will come at the end of the trimester. 


Student Council sat and listened to the three students, Sadie Seward, Camille Slaughter and Nolan Woodward along with McDonald and gave their ideas as to why they should give the class the grant.


McDonald, the leader of the grant process, said, “I thought that our goals as a class and their mission as Student Council dovetailed nicely together. Student Council's mission is to foster communication and engagement with the student body and that if they were to give us a small grant we could help them do that.”


Sophomore Camille Slaughter went in front of Student Council to present their request and said, ”It was kind of nerve-wracking because we knew what we wanted but we didn’t know if they were going to be interested in it. It was interesting to see who Student Council is made up of and what goes on in their meetings.”


There are different reasons as to why the journalism class went to Student Council instead of outside sources, such as advertisers. Senior Nolan Woodward said, ”If you get it from Student Council it’s local and internally from the school and you don’t have to get it from an outside source which could complicate things.”


Student Council are the group of people in the school that handle the money. The students and McDonald talked to Student Council and they made the decision whether or not to give the requested amount of money or to give less.


Sophomore Student Council member, Lillie Bui, said, ”In the decision process, it was definitely positive. We all loved the idea of having a school newspaper and we thought it would be great for the student body to voice opinions and to create more involvement in our school.”