Students React to New Changes to Advisory

By Danielle Bowen, reporter

Oregon City High School has revised their Advisory class to be a graded, once-weekly class, with many students in favor of the change.


This year, Advisory is going to be used for a software programs called Family Connection, a component of a larger program called Naviance. The goal of this class is to help students prepare a post-high school plan. “ I think it’s a better idea than how it was before” said senior Camryn Coy.


While many students are optimistic about the changes, some aren’t too sure it will be popular amongst their peers. “The idea itself is not inherently bad, however I think it’s going to get a lot of kick-back from the students”, said senior Alanis Graham.


Part of the problem still lies with people skipping out, going to Dutch Bros instead of Advisory, though their attendance impacts their grade. “It would be beneficial if people actually showed up”, said another senior, Hannah Stuebe.


Previously, Advisory was only an occasional class, maybe once a month at most. Because it was not a graded class, lots of students chose to skip out. If their class wasn’t in a meeting or had anything specific planned, students would simply use the time as study hall. Those that did stick around felt the irregularly scheduled class was a waste of their time.


The only way to tell if this will be beneficial to the students is through trial and error. Though the first year is bound to be a little hectic, these efforts show that the school board members are making efforts to improve the education their students receive.