Survivor - Season 1




Season 1 of OCHS Survivor February 2 - 6.                                

12 seniors will arrive at the school on Monday and stay all week.

The contestants were announced on January 29th at the Winter Formal Assembly.

The competitors will be split up into the River and Forest tribes.  

For more info, and to follow what happens during the week. Follow @OC_survivor on Twitter.



Each night two people will be eliminated after competing in a prize and immunity challenge.

Winner wins a Macbook Pro!  What a great addition when starting college next year!

Videos will be posted daily.



Mariah Clyde, Mathew Henderson, Zackary Marciel, Meryl Muckenthaler, Elena Szlemp, Lauren Thompson

Mitchell Brown, Ruth Carrica, Kaitynn Donaca, Lucas Paris, Michelle Serrill, Chris Thatcher


Introductions Video




DAY 1 - Monday, February 2







  • DAY 1 - Last night on survivor, a best two out of three challenge led to the forest tribe to victory and the prize of lasagna for dinner, which they shared with the losers, the river tribe. The river tribe were sent to tribal council and voted out Kaitlynn Donaca. In the next challenge they balanced spoons with ping pong balls in their mouths. The winner Zack earned the forest tribe immunity and the river was faced with their second elimination of the night. Chris Thatcher was the second person eliminated from survivor 2015. Stay tuned on Instagram and Twitter @OC_survivor. 


DAY 2 - Tuesday, February 3





Day 2 - Hopefully you guys tuned in last night to Survivor. There was a major plot twist late at night that changed the whole game, hopefully you didn't miss it. Starting at 6, they shot NERF bullets at food prizes set up on the B hall stairs, then Forest tribe lost and was sent to their first tribal council where Michelle Serrill left the game. A second challenge where the contestants threw water and got soaked. The forest tribe lost again and sent their second person home, Elena Szlemp. Just when they thought the craziness was over for the night, a last minute twist led to a sudden death puzzle challenge at 10:30pm and Mariah Clyde left the competition. It was an emotional roller coaster for both tribes, especially forest as they were split in half today. Stayed tuned OC.



Day 3 - Wednesday, February 4



Last night on survivor the contestants competed in apuzzle challenge where the forest tribe won. The river tribe went to tribal Council they sent Zack home. The tribes were then uneven and the river tribe voted Meryl to join the forest tribe. Later that night they had an eating competition and the river tribe lost. They sent home Meryl and the tribes were again uneven. During a midnight glow stick challenge and not anyone's fault, Lauren sustained a sprained ankle and had to leave in a unplanned middle of the night twist. Today you, the school is voting to decide who they want to return to the competition. Make sure you vote and the returner will be announced during 5th period.  




Day 4 - Thursday, February 5

OCHS Students voted for ELENA SZLEMP as the returning Survivor!




Day 5 - Friday, February 6



Congratulations to the final 2 in Survivor, Matt Henderson and Mitch Brown.

At Tribal Council the jury voted 6-5 for Mitch Brown.

Mitch has won the prize of a Macbook Pro! Congratulations to all contestants.