Survivor Season 5

Event Date: 
Monday, March 4, 2019 - 7:00am to Friday, March 8, 2019 - 2:50pm


Which senior will Outwit - Outplay - Outlast? 


They enter the school and stay all week.

Every night someone will be eliminated.

Watch to see if your favorite makes it to the the end!


SURVIVOR 5 - WINNER    Kaleb Coleman
















Daily Updates



In our first challenge the Elephants lost and they eliminated Noah Weidrich. In the second challenge the elephants lost again and there was a tie between Kaleb Coleman and Cortney Zetter. They had an auto elimination and Cortney lost and went home. Then we had our scavenger hunt and the person who collected the least amount of stones automatically went home. Which was Olyvia Loutan. Then the final 6 were merged into one tribe. Later that night we woke them up for a reward challenge at 3:30 am and Evan Scott won.


The reward was Dutch Bros in the morning.


The auto elimination between Cortney Zetter and Kaleb Coleman was the ping pong ball on a spoon in your mouth and they on a chair and who ever drops it first looses and Cortney Zetter lost.




Farista went home from the Tiger Tribe and Evan Bohlman went home from the Monkey tribe in the first challenge and Grace Pedersen went home from Tigers and Josh Rippe went home from Monkeys after our second challenge.


Since there was only two people in the Tiger Tribe left, we had a last-minute challenge between the Monkeys and Elephants. Winning tribe got to choose who they wanted - Evan Scott or Noah Weidrich (the last two Tiger members) and the Monkeys won and chose Evan.



Last night we had a tennis ball relay between the monkeys and the elephants. The tigers did not participate because one of their tribe members, Kylie Felix, was sick and could not participate. The Monkeys won the challenge and in unanimous vote Makenna Pulumbo was eliminated from the elephant tribe.


After the first tribal council we had a reward challenge and the tigers won in a close one point advantage from the monkeys. The reward is a head start advantage in the first challenge for today, Tuesday March 5th.




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