Who is Tom Lovell?

Story by Drake MacFarlane, Staff Writer / Student / Senior - Class 2013


Tom Lovell has been selected 

as the successor to Nancy Bush-Lange as our school’s next principal. Lovell has grand plans for the future, with a fresh view on technology, students, and more.


"We are excited about 

the level of energy, enthusiasm and devotion to students that Tom will bring to this community," said Larry Didway, Superintendent, in a district newsletter.


Lovell was Principal at Pendleton High School in eastern Oregon for nine years, and an administrator for five before that. He loved the experience, which made it ‘easy’ to transfer to Oregon City High School.


“He was really personable. He came and shook everyone’s hand. No one else did,” said Kate Fisher, biology teacher and a member of the hiring board.


He grew up in Newberg, in the western end of the Willamette Valley. Returning to the valley is a new experience for him. He’s happy to be working in a school that is already a good one, instead of one that is in poor shape. “One thing is, I didn’t want to go to a turn-around area. OC is a great school, and is a great opportunity for me,” Lovell said.


“He’s excited to be here. He said he wanted to play for the varsity team,  [our school],” said Fisher.


Lovell has a three point plan for the upcoming year. First, he plans on learning the OC ‘culture’ -- what makes Oregon City tick.


“Kids are kids. There’s differences between schools, but kids are kids. This is a big, gorgeous and great facility. The school is about the kids. It’s about connections,” said Lovell.


Second, he wants to be present for the students. “I love being around the kids. I want to be around. I want kids to know who I am. To be visible and be there for them.”


Lastly, he wants to take the already high achievement in our school, and bring it up even further.


“My feeling is, I think kids rise to your expectations. Every time we’ve asked a group to do something, kids rise to the occasion.”


He also believes in connecting students back to the school. Lovell said, “The more ways kids connect to school, the better they do. The more opportunities they can take, then they will feel more connected. This district is huge, and tying [students] back to the building is good.”


Lovell is also planning on more technological integration in the school, in response to the changing times. Lovell said, “There’s a place for technology in classes. Our job as adults is to show students appropriate uses of it. Your job as students is to show us what’s out there. We can learn from each other.”


“I’m very excited about being here. I’m really excited about meeting the students. This school’s for the kids and about the kids. I want to be a paCopyrt of it,” said Lovell.


“He’s going to be a great leader. He’s an intellectual guy who’s going to be thoughtful,” said Fisher.