Check Out

  • Books: 4 weeks
  • Magazines: 2 weeks

Reference books may be borrowed with library staff permission.

Books may be renewed as many times as needed.  If a hold has been placed on a book, that book may be renewed once.

If the book you want has been borrowed, you may place a hold on it in the online catalog.  When the book is returned, library staff will notify you that it has been returned.  The book will be held at the circulation desk for you for 3 school days.

You may borrow as many books as you want/need as long as you don’t have any overdue library materials.


You May:

  • Use the computers to complete classwork/homework.  If something seems out of the norm, you may be required to get a teacher’s note explaining your assignment.
  • Print one copy of classwork/homework.  If you need more than one copy, a copy machine is available.  Copies are 10 cents per page.
  • Use the Internet for personal email and browsing before school, during lunch, and after school. Personal computer use must comply with school behavior policies.

You May Not:

  • Use email during class time unless it directly relates to an assignment.  If something seems out of the norm, you may be required to get a teacher’s note explaining your assignment.
  • Print non-school related items.
  • Download/install programs.
  • Vandalize the computers.
  • Change computer settings.
  • Shop/purchase items online.
  • Access social networking sites such as MySpace.
  • Play DVD’s.
  • Play games.
  • Instant message or participate in online chat forums or bulletin boards. Library staff reserves the right to permit the use of these activities. An example of a school acceptable bulletin board would be a homework help site or a creative writing site.

Media Center Use

Respect other people and library media center property.

Keep cell phones powered down.

Have a written pass (your name, teacher’s name, destination library) from your classroom teacher when visiting the library during class time without your classroom teacher.

Food and drink must be put away and not consumed while in the library.  

Access passes may be obtained to use the computers prior to the first bell on Thursday.  See library staff for a pass.

Plan your time wisely.  Library staff is obligated to make sure you get to class on time.

You are responsible for any materials you borrow. We recommend that you not borrow items in your name for a fri

The library is responsible for issuing textbooks and novels read in English classes.  Students are expected to take care of the books issued to them and books should be returned gently used.  While library staff do check for damages to books before issuing them to students, students are still advised to look through the books issued to them on the first day they receive them and return any books with damages.  Students have 3 school days to report damaged texts.

Students will be charged for unreturned or damaged books.  When returning books, ALWAYS hand the book directly to library staff.  We will check the book in immediately and say the name of the person who borrowed the book to verify that it is you.  Students often return another person’s book.  If you return someone else’s book, you are still responsible for the book you borrowed.

Fees for Damaged Books (see photo examples below):

  • Missing pages to book contents:  Cost of the book
  • Missing pages in table of contents or index:  $20
  • Missing barcode:  $3
  • Cover damage, including corners:  $10 to cost of the book
  • Spine damage:  $10 to cost of the book
  • Destructive damage affecting reissue of book:  $10 to cost of the book
  • Torn pages:  $5 to cost of book
  • Water damage (any liquid):  $20 to cost of the book
  • Writing in book
    • Pencil:  $10  (no fee if you erase the writing yourself)
    • Pen:  $20 to cost of the book  (depends upon whether or not the book can be reissued)                                       

Severe Water Damage

Severe Water Damage

Split Spine

Spine Split

Torn Pages

Torn Pages

Corner Water Damage

Corner Water Damage



Bent Corner

Bent Corner