Safety Hotline   503.785.8817


This safety hotline is for all parents, staff, and students to report any incident they feel the school should know about.

Please feel free to call anonymously.



Oregon City School District partners with Oregon City Police Department.


     School Resource Officer                                                   School Resource Officer                            
     Officer Plummer     503.785.8900 x. 5030                      Officer Rohde    503.785.8900 x. 5030                             




Carey Wilhelm     503.785.8734
Deby Webb, Secretary to Administrator staff  503.785.8734

Campus Supervisors
Bobby Bates  503.785.8766
Toni Perkins   503.785.8935

In School Suspension (ISS) 

Marcus Washington 


Lost and Found 

Lost and found articles that are turned in are placed on a table in the commons. Some valuable items are located in Student Services, too.   At the end of each trimester all lost and found items are given to charity.