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 Contact Suz Figini, Coordinator      503.785.8520  x. 7316

  Driver Education Department

       Main Office Location:  Eastham Community School  1404 7th Street, Oregon City, OR 97045

       Classroom Location:  Oregon City High School 19761 S. Beavercreek, Oregon City, OR  97045


Driver Education Program is for students age 15-17, who have a valid permit. 
The program is approved by the Oregon Department of Transportation and includes:

 * 30 hours of classroom instruction 

 * 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction 

 * 6 hours of in-car observation 

 * Minimum of 5 hours practice driving while enrolled in the driver education course with a parent / guardian who is a licensed driver.

 * Parents are asked to practice with their student, the routes in-between their scheduled drive labs. 

 * Sessions are 10 weeks once a week for 3 hours-15 minutes in the classroom - Drive Labs 6 weeks - 2 hours a week. (Fall-Winter-Spring)

 * Sessions are 4 weeks three times a week in the classroom - Drive Labs 4 weeks - 3 hours a week.  View Calendar below. (Summer)

 * Obtain a current Oregon instruction permit by registration.

    Must provide permit number at the time of registration. 

    Permit can not be an "Interim permit". Reason being "interim permits" are only valid for 30 days.

 * Read Policies




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Why take Driver Education?


Drivers Over 18 or Turns 18  / Obtain License While Taking Class  

The driver education program is a state subsidized program that is how we can offer the tuition for a great price of $325.   This price is only funded for students with permits and not for licensed drivers. If a student has a license, obtains their license while taking the class, is 18 or older before graduating from the class, an additional $210.00 will be charged.
Driver ed is a part of the process for obtaining a provisional license (permit).  18 year old do not have to have a provisional license. That is why the state does not cover over 18.