Parent / Student Night

In conjunction with High School Driver Training, we offer a FREE Parent Night to acquaint and orient parents with our program. One parent or guardian can attend and please sign in when arriving to the meeting.


 * 100% attendance is required for the classroom and drive lab time to receive the Certificate of Completion from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

 * Student must have their permit first day of class and at every drive lab.


In this one hour class we will discuss topics such as:


* Proper coaching techniques
* Effective communication commands
* How to promote higher standards of driving
* How to lessen drive-time stress and have a more positive driving experience with your teen
* Today’s instruction methods
* New driving concepts
* The commitment needed to promote good driving habits

This is also a great opportunity for parents to meet their teen’s instructor and get a good taste of the classroom environment. 



    Enter through the front door of OCHS for the meeting.












Our program must submit the drive log form to ODOT at the completion of the class.  On the front of the form you will see the date that the form is due back to the classroom instructor. A parent signature is also required on the front of the form. On the backside, you will see the drive lab instructors name & contact information in addition to the assigned drive lab date and time. A lesson sheet is going to come home after each drive lab that indicates what drive skills were learned in that drive lab.  The only drive time that is to be logged on the drive log form is the time parent & student drive together using the lesson sheet as a guide to reinforce the skills that were learned in the drive lab. Our program can not stress enough the importance of using the lesson sheets to practice the skills that are being taught in each drive lab. Instructors know if students practice or not. Since we give the final drive assessment test, practicing the skills between each drive lab is important!  Our instructors only get 6 hours of drive time with your student because the other 6 hours consists of your student observing from the back seat.


After the drive labs are completed and the classes have ended, we encourage you to continue to use the lesson sheets as a guide to continue to reinforce the safe driving skills our instructors taught.