Student must be withdrawn from the previous school.
  Provide a current copy of transcript or withdrawal grades.  
  Proof of Residence Form - provide 2 pieces of district approved documentation.
      •    Inter-District Transfer - if student does not live in our district - must be approved each and every year by the District Office
  Student Registration Form completed and signed by parent/guardian.

     •   Copy of legal court document verifying custody - if student is not living with parent/s. 

          Power of Attorney does NOT constitute legal documentation.

          Any other legal documents (Restraining orders, no-contact orders, DHS Foster Care provider)  

  Request Records Form - to receive records from previous school.  
  Copy of Immunizations and Birth Certificate.

For students on an IEP (Individual Education Plan) provide current IEP with above enrollment forms.

Please contact Special Services to enroll. Special Services - phone:  503.785.8750   FAX:  503.785.8748


After all forms have been completed, returned and processed by

the Counseling Office or Special Services, an intake appointment will be scheduled.


If the student is:        

   Credit deficient
   Had a lapse in enrollment
   Has had discipline issues or been suspended

They will first need to meet with an Administrator before they can enroll

Call 503.785.8734 to make an appointment





            A student entering GRADES 8-12 needs:

                DTaP (Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis): 5 doses, Polio: 4 doses, Varicella (chicken pox): 1 dose,

                Measles: 2 doses, Mumps: 1 dose, Rubella: 1 dose, Hepatitis B: 3 doses.


Oregon City High School

Counseling Office

19761 S. Beavercreek Road

Oregon City, Oregon  97045


Phone: 503-785-8760     FAX: 503-785-8576











For students on an IEP (Individual Education Plan), please contact Special Services. 

 Special Services - phone:  503.785.8750   FAX:  503.785.8748