Graduation Requirements

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Required Credits to Earn

(See The Curriculum Handbook pages 5-8 for more detail)

Subject Area
Social Studies

Physical Education
Health Education
Fine Arts/Applied Arts/Second Language
General Electives
Senior Project
Number of Credits Needed
4 Credits (Must include 1 credit in Literature Jr/Sr year
3 Credits (Algebra 1 and above)
3 Credits
3 Credits (1 credit Global Studies, 1 credit US History, .5 Government & .5 Economics)
1.5 Credits
1 Credit
3 Credits
7 Credits
.5 Credit
Total = 26 Credits

Required State Testing





Honors Diploma

Course Requirements 
  • English: 4.0 credits with 3.0 from: Pre-AP English 10, Honors American Literature, AP Language & Composition, Honors Humanities, AP Literature & Composition, , Honors Forensics: Speech & Debate.
  • Math: 3.0 credits with sequence ending at: Honors Pre-Calculus, Discrete Math, AP Statistics, AP Calculus A/B, or AP Calculus B/C. 
  • Science: 3.0 credits including Chemistry and at least 1.0 credit from: Honors Advanced Biology (Cell Biology, Genetics, Zoology), Honors Geology, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, or AP Physics.
  • Social Sciences: 3.0 credits with 1.5 from: AP US History, AP Comparative Government & Politics, AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, AP Economics.
  • Second Language: Three years study in one language (German, Spanish, or French).
  • Fine Arts or Applied Arts: .5 credit: See curriculum handbook for choices.

GPA Requirement 
  • Students will have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 (weighted) through the end of winter trimester senior year.


Advanced Diploma

  • In order to earn an Advanced Diploma, students must meet ALL the requirements for an Honors Diploma.
  • Complete a minimum of 4 Advanced Placement (AP) classes. (1 AP course from Social Sciences and 3 AP courses of their choice). 


Honor Cord

  • Students will have a cumulative GPA of 3.80 (weighted) through the end of winter trimester senior year. 
  • Ten days after the final grades are posted, honor students will be selected. Any grade changes after that will not be considered. 
  • Students must earn an Honors Diploma/Advanced Diploma.. 
  • Students will complete all 2 or 3 trimester-long academic courses (English, social sciences, science, mathematics, and second language). 
  • Students will be enrolled in a minimum of 5 courses each trimester throughout the four years of high school unless otherwise arranged with their counselor (exceptions may be made for international exchange programs or early entrance to college). 
  • Students may not use any type of correspondence course (BYU, PSU, etc.) to replace a required OCHS class, with the exception of Health. 
  • Students cannot have an S (pass), U (no pass), or N (no grade) on their transcript for any class that requires a letter grade. 
  • An N is acceptable if students repeated a class to improve their grade. 
  • Students will meet the responsibilities for behavior as outlined in the Code of Conduct. 
  • 2 or more instances of academic dishonesty will result in inability to earn an honor cord.