Miss Chudderley's Fairy Tales with a Twist!














                                                                                                 Click on image above to see a copy of the program.


An original Children's Theatre  play  created by Drama Director Karlyn Love and the Play Production class. This  family friendly show featured five of your  favorite  fairy tales, but each retold with a crazy twist!

Beloved school librarian, Miss Chudderley, reads to Mrs. Cooper's  fourth grade  class and brings five fairy tales (Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood, Billy Goats Gruff, Cinderella & the Three  LIttle  Pigs) to energetic life in the children's imaginations - so much so that the kids have to get up and act out the stories. Though each story is familiar, Miss  Chudderley's  versions of them all have a crazy twist to them that will surprise and delight audiences of all ages; like Red Riding Hood going to Ninja school, or Goldilocks meeting Dinosaurs instead of Bears! 


       Miss Chudderley Photos

       Entire group of photos  

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      Closing, Curtain Call, Cast Group Photos

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   Miss Chudderley Introduction Photos

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     Book 1:

     Goldilocks & the Three Dinosaurs

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    Book 2:

    Ninja Red Riding Hood Photos

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    Book 3:

    The Three Bully Goats

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    Book 4:

    Interstellar Cinderella Photos

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    Book 5:

    The Three Little Wolves & the Big Bad Pig Photos

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   Design and Production Crews 

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   Tech Theatre - April 28, 2017

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   Tech Theatre - April 20, 2017

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   Rehearsal Photos   

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Cast List:

Miss Chudderley - Ms. Karlyn Love

Mrs. Cooper/  Ninja Red Narrator - Sydney Ogle

Meegan/ Stepmother/ Rhinoceros - Alexis Davis

Zoey/ Cinderella - Alanis Graham

Abby/ Ninja Red/ Stepsister #1 - Ayumi Stewart

Sophie/ Stepsister #2 - Makenna Palumbo

Tina/ Goldilocks/ Skunk - Andrea Domine

Grace/ Cinderella Narrator/ Bunny - Maddy Moyes

Amanda/ Little Ogre/ Little Gray Wolf - Haley Phillips

Annabelle/ Kangaroo - Faith Mumm

Zara/ Little Black Wolf - Jazz Hilbert

Hannah/ Wolf Mother - Trinity Cooney

Cory/ Mama Dinosaur - Avy Watts

Maya/ Gran/ Little White Wolf - Carlyn Yoshimura

Mindy/ Bunny - Keeley Ralston

Olivia/ Skunk - Ellie Lundgreen

Jessica/ Skunk - Nicole Nixon

Holly/ Skunk - Darya Wasserman

Brady/ Tuff - Jared Preble

Jason/ Gruff - Mathew Preston

Reese/ Norwegian Dinosaur/ Big Bad Pig - Andrew Burville

Victor/ Bully Goats Narrator/ Fairy GodRobot - Elijah Roach

Mason/ Papa Dinosaur/ Murgatroyd Mouse/ Deer - Gavin Seifert

Tyler/ Ruff - Shawntae Harris

Trevor/ Wolf - Taryn McGhee

Hayden/ Flamingo - Ryan Takko

Dylan/ Beaver - Dillin Eikmeier

Stevie/ Prince - Jaedon Lewis

Cody/ Deer - Lincoln Hicks