Pioneer Pantry


The purpose of The Pioneer Pantry is to provide food for weekends and breaks to homeless and food insecure students at Oregon City High School. These students often go hungry over the weekend because they do not have access to food. The goal is to ensure that these students (and their families) have food when their primary source — free and reduced meals at school - is not available.


The Problem ....

• There are around 150 homeless-qualified students at the 3 Oregon City high schools; Oregon City High School (OCHS), Oregon City Service Learning Academy (OCSLA), and the Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences (CAIS).

• There are over 800 students, or more than one-third of the students at OCHS, who come to school hungry.

• These students are among the 222,000 children throughout Oregon who don't always know where their next meal is coming from.


The Solution...

The Pioneer Pantry at Oregon City High School . . .

A “Backpack” program that provides food to homeless and food insecure students for weekends during the school year with additional food being provided for breaks dependent on funding

• We began providing food to qualified students on September 11, 2015.

• This year we will expand our mission of "Feeding Bodies and Minds" to OCSLA and CAIS.

• We also provide healthy snacks and water/juice to students who come to school hungry.


Our Successes ....

• With your help we provided over 720 meals to homeless and food insecure students at OCHS last year.

• The Pioneer Pantry is credited for contributing to the graduation of 15 homeless students.

• Service clubs, businesses, individuals, and churches supported the formation and mission of the  Pioneer Pantry with over $15,000 in contributions and successful food drives in its first year.

• We have achieved Partner Agency status with the Oregon Food Bank.


Making a Difference ....

• The estimated cost of the projected 5580 meals to be provided this school year by the Pioneer Pantry is $20,925.   

We rely on your generosity to provide the funding needed to help make a difference in the lives of these students.

We are seeking businesses and individuals to commit to an annual donation program.

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A referral program for use by OCHS administrators, counselors and staff for referring food insecure students is in place. Upon qualification and parental approval, these students will also receive backpacks depending on available resources. 

Referral Form (pdf)

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