Senior Project - Option 1

Complete a Senior Project

Students selecting option #1 need to READ over all of the information on this page and check your email regularily for email updates from Mr. Leong. Students wanting to complete a Senior Project need to be self motivated, organized, and willing to work with a mentor.  In order to be considered a Senior Project, a student needs to develop, create, implement, and document a project that is of interest to the student.  Make sure your project meets the following 4 standards of rigor:
Apply – you actually have to use the skill, not just describe it
Extend – it is more than you have done or have been asked to do before
Academic & Specialized Knowledge &Skills – it includes knowledge & skills you learned in school or that are part of a specific area of interest
New Situation – it is different from something you have done before
** Note that any Senior Project having to do with automobile repairs, rebuilding or modification to a vehicle will be discouraged and not accepted.**
**Any Senior Projects having to do with weight loss, food preparation, or fitness training will also not be accepted.**
Important Senior Project details:
•  Project activities to include a minimum of 15 hours of activities
•  Student is NOT allowed any late assignments.  Late assignments will automatically cause your grade to be dropped to a C.  See grading for option #1.
•  Planning, developing, organizing, and running/doing the activity are all part of competing a project determined by the student
•  Mentor is required to support activities (not parent or family member)
•  Student will document their activites
Take a look at ideas for possible document evidence you will want to have - Documentation evidence ideas
•  So I am lost on how to get started on doing a Senior Project - Option 1, what should I do?
Have you looked at the Senior Project examples above.  
•  How am I graded for competing a Senior Project?- See Senior Project Option 1 scoring guide
•  How can I stay organized and on top of what I need to do for my Senior Project?
•  Who do I contact if I need help or assistance on my Senior Project? 
Contact Mr. Leong in F115 during period 5 or email him at
•  How is all work turned in for option 1? 
Work for steps 1 - 4 for your senior project are turned in electronically through Google forms to Mr. Leong.  There is no need to share any Google Docs with him.
Step #5 your project portfolio can be a Google doc created by you and shared with me, a Power point emailed to me or an email that guides me to a web site to view your project portfolio.  Please do not send seperate emails of your project evidence, it should all be in one electronic document.
•  Can I turn in work late for Senior Project, Option #1?- 
Yes, but it will affect your overall grade.  You have chosen option #1 which offers you a lot of flexiablity on your part, BUT you are required to meet all deadlines.  You can always turn assignments in early, but late work will lower your overall grade to a C.  See Senior Project Option 1 scoring guide
Here's your steps for completing your Option #1 Senior Project:

Step #1

Project Proposal

DUE  April 5, 2019 by

3:30 pm 


Step #2

Document Project Progress

DUE  On-going during project



Step #3

6 Week Progress

DUE  May 1, 2019

by 3:30 pm


Step #4

9 Week Project Check

DUE  May 17, 2019

by 3:30 pm


Step #5

Submit Final Project Portfolio (electronic)

DUE  May 31, 2019

by 3:30 pm